Get a Room… and May I Recommend Room 750 at the St. Regis Monarch Beach

beach 3


A funny thing happened on the way to planning Spring Break 2016… While we usually stay at the same hotel year after year, a family vote indicated none of us wanted to return there, so we had a dilemma.  Where to stay? We already had tickets flying into Orange County, CA…because I am a creature of habit, once I get to know a place, I tend to always return.   I like to go places where I know how to get around, especially in and out of an airport and where not everyone will know my name.  We like to fly under the radar.  So, we knew we were going to Orange County, as we already had our airline tickets, but needed to figure out where we were going to stay.  After Much deliberation (actually not much at all) the kids and I decided to stay at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA.  Something to mention, all the pools at the hotel were going to be under renovation, but they had a private beach, so we were going to have to make do with that.  We were going to take one for the team!


The resort looked just like this… except, no pools!  But just like this. 🙂

We’ve been home about 6 weeks since spring break and I wasn’t going to blog about this trip or this hotel.  Yes I do tend to blog and mention things in my life, however there is quite a bit about my life that will never be mentioned in this blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the Wall Street Journal.  Room 750 was going to fall under that category.  But after noodling this over, I do feel that the kindness and generosity extended to my family, deserves a nice little shout out.  Or since I was just called”a celebrity blogger” :)…I can blog about it!  For the record I am about the farthest thing from a “celebrity blogger”.

St. Regis

Because of the kindness of a very, very dear friend, @LSULeslie and her partner in crime, Kate, with the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, unbeknownst to us, we had some very special accommodations waiting for us upon our arrival.  I need to mention I had absolutely No idea that these fabulous ladies had been working behind the scenes planning our arrival.  It appears we were not going to be able to fly under the radar.  And what they had planned was much more than just a special room.  Suite is a better word…Or how about The Presidential Suite at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, complete with our own Butler?  Room 750!  Two bedrooms, powder room, full bathroom for the kid’s room, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom with sitting area and a master bath to top all master baths!  A great bar set up, fabulous sound system, our own facsimile machine (:) ), about 40 towels per person, and that’s just to mention a few of my favorite things about Room 750.  I must have said this 100 times that week, but I could totally live in that room…I mean suite.  Of course, it goes for $8000/night and it’s 3000 sq. ft.  Of course I could live there. Kate Middleton would be happy there.  And we were there for a week. We paid for a regular room, booked as regular guests, asked for no special treatment or courtesies, but because of these 2 very special ladies, and the kindness of a few others, we received an “upgrade” to beat all other upgrades!


Cheers to Leslie and Cheers to Kate!

Here are a few pictures from Room 750, the Presidential Suite at the St. Regis Monarch Beach… otherwise known as my Happy Place!  3000 sq. ft of Happy!

room with a view

Room with a view, or a Presidential Suite with a view.


Our very own terrace… and this is only part of it!


This is the other part of it.



Our living room…and the fireplace doubled as a dance stage!  We did not take this photo.


Powder room


Kids room with their own private balcony, which also had a beautiful view of the ocean.


Kid’s bathroom…. and not lacking on towels!


Dining room, with our lovely amenity basket and a bottle of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay!


Kitchen… chock full of enough plates, cups, glasses and serving pieces to accommodate 40 guests.  We had 3 guests one evening and 1 another.  That is all…


Cutest little bar… stocked bar. Cheers!



Master bedroom, with balcony access, sitting area and fireplace.  Oh that’s right…. Access to the balcony from 2 doors!


One of the showers in the master bath.


The second shower, because every master bath needs 2 separate showers, with duo shower heads in each.  And one being a steam shower.


The lovely double vanity with the best hotel bathroom amenities I have ever used!


Our private beach which we would take our own beach shuttle to and from every day.  A girl could get used to this!


Our morning French-Press Coffee, with fresh squeezed orange juice, pastries and fresh fruit, brought to us by our own Butler.  Yes, our own Butler.  Actually a Butleress, Giuliana.  And this lovely little spread was sent to us every day, complimentary!



Yes, we would leave the comfort of our room… every now and then!  The bartender at the beach club, who was used to seeing us in our bathing suits with no make-up, saw Mer and said, “Look at you with the lippy lip”.  Lippy lip.  🙂

Speaking of that bartender, when he got to know us (we may have been partaking in a few adult beverages) and asked for our room number (for billing purposes only) and I said, 750, he did a double take and asked,

“Isn’t that the Presidential Suite”.


He said, “Makes for a nice weekend”.

We said, “we are here all week”.

He replied, “Nice”!

Yup, nice it was!  We shall file that away under “Understatement”.  Truly, everything about this resort was Fantastic.  The food, beverages, dirty martini, service, amenities, pillows, towels…absolutely everything was perfect.  Admittedly, the resort was under renovation, but the hotel didn’t miss a step.  5-Star accommodations and service every single day.



Let me give a quick shout out to Javier’s in Newport Beach, which has always been one of my favorites.  I’m mentioning them in this blog because they feature Cakebread Chardonnay (in my Top 3 of Chardonnays) on their menu and it was only $52/bottle.  It was like they were paying Us to drink it.  It can be $49 in the liquor store and for a restaurant to serve if for $52/bottle…meant we were getting 2 bottles!  #ThriftyDrinkers


World’s prettiest sunset!


Because the final picture taken in our suite, had to be with us in our bathrobes… Paddy cheated and put it on over his clothes.  Mer and I did not!  This is the picture of 3 very happy people!


Then this happened…:(  Truly as I was penning this blog, I received an email, though I already knew of the transition.  My beloved St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort was going to be managed by KSL Resorts, so a St. Regis it would no longer be.  I believe this had been in the works during our stay, which is why the Presidential Suite was available for us for an entire week.  They say timing is everything…and may I say, we had the Time of our lives!

Someone asked how do we even begin to thank someone for doing something so special for us?  Well…let’s just say a pair of Kendra Scott earrings (my new obsession) and a fabulous Palm Tree clutch!  At least I think it’s fabulous.  Different color schemes for each of course. Oh… and a 6.5-Gallon of Garrett’s Popcorn, the  Chicago Blend of caramel corn and cheesy corn, sent to the GM who helped make sure all these plans would fall into place and we weren’t kicked out when we decided to extend our stay. We realize this was a once in a lifetime courtesy and the stars had to align for all of this to fall into place and we are so happy and grateful that everything worked to give us the best week of our lives!






My very favorite quote about our temporary living arrangements:   “I cannot even be jealous of you guys.  I’m really happy for you”. We are too. 🙂

Song of the Day:  Cake by the Ocean, by DNCE, because this brings back happy memories of our trip.  Not because of the raunchy lyrics of this song (I mean, really), but because we heard it every where we went!

Waste time with a masterpiece, don’t waste time with a masterpiece (huh!)
You should be rolling with me, you should be rolling with me (ah)
You’re a real life fantasy, you’re a real life fantasy (huh!)
But you’re moving so carefully; let’s start living dangerously


Since I’ve last blogged…really blogged, Patrick came home for the weekend and we went to the greatest NHL game, ever!  Hawks won 6-3, which means we got to sing and twirl our towels to Chelsea Dagger, 6 times!  Sadly the Hawks lost the series, but we had a fantastic time!  Yes, I’m wearing a Blackhawks jersey.  When at the United Center…


And I went to the NFL Draft, actually Draft Town.  Never met a draft I didn’t like. (TOB).






A LAP and an NKO siting!  Perfect party planners and keeper of the picnic table!  Cheers to these fine ladies!




Yes, I’m aware this weekend is the Kentucky Derby, so if you want to hone up on Derby life, please read last year’s blog,

A horse walked into a bar.  That line never gets old!

Today Arlington Race Track opens…and this blogger may be attending!  And I have a fun wedding on Saturday.  Not mine, but a fun wedding, nonetheless.  Yes…Best. Weekend. Ever!

T-7 days till Patrick is home for the summer.  Cannot wait!  🙂 🙂 🙂

going to miami




Yep…Best. Weekend. Ever!



This… is the story of my life!

you're not rich

True…very, very true.

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  1. Cake by the ocean, new to me, catchy. Oh thank you friends of Terry’s for that fabulous weekend. Just what the doctor ordered!! Blackhawks, NFL draft and a reminder for Derby weekend. So glad I checked your blog today!

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