My new favorite Handbag…The Bonino Wrist Bag!


I am so excited about this new bag.  The Bonino bag, designed by my friends Liz and Terry L.  They own a fabulous boutique in Scottsdale, Municci and sell the bag out of the boutique and online as well.  They also feature these bags in an exclusive line of trunk shows around Arizona  and are expanding into other areas in the country.  What I love about this bag is it wraps around your wrist freeing up both hands!  It’s an elegant looking bag, so versatile enough to go from daytime to evening.  Or from school to Prom!



Municci holds the Bonino brand name. The brand Bonino is named from the designer’s
Italian family. Bonino has been manufacturing shoes and handbags since 2012. The
newest addition to the line is the Bonino wrist bag.

The Bonino Wrist Bag

Heading out to go dancing, shopping, traveling, sporting events, restaurants, or motorcycle riding. By
owning a Bonino Wrist Bag there is freedom of all activities and not having your bulky purse weighing
you down. With the Bonino Wrist Bag there is no need to worry about someone else watching your purse
while you hit the dance floor or having to hang it on a chair and taking the chance of forgetting it. The
Bonino Wrist Bag is unique and simple to wear as it easily wraps around your wrist and makes it hands
• This bag is available in two different sizes.
• Many different materials and colors are available.  Bone, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, to name a few.
• Some with bows, beading and bling to make the wrist strap looks like you are wearing a bracelet!


This would be a perfect bag for Prom!  They have tons of colors and this way you don’t have to worry about leaving your bag unattended when you are dancing the night away!


The smaller size will work going into a sporting event!  Approved by the NFL!  Hello Chicago Bears, here I come!!


This red patent leather is my very favorite!  The model is not me, obviously, but it showed a better picture of sizing.  I will use this bag all the time!  I love popping Red in with Black, and since black or denim and white, are my 2 uniform colors, this bag can go with both. It conveniently holds my phone, small wallet (I always carry a $20, several singles, my AMEX, my debit and my drivers license, as I’m most certainly going to be carded when purchasing wine ;), my lipstick and my reading glasses… Yes, I now need to travel about with my reading glasses.  It is what it is, but I like to see what I’m ordering from a menu or the type of wine I’m purchasing.


Bags retail from $70-$90.  Check out the website for ordering information and to see more colors.  Municci.  There is a gold color that is another favorite of mine. I loved metallic colored purses, so I match them to my accessories, and don’t have to worry about matching them to my outfit.

terry and liz

Terry and Liz. 🙂


7051 E. 5th Avenue

Suite i

Scottsdale, Az 85251



Or a blogger. 🙂 And the bonino bag also holds my small notebook and pen!  #Savvy #Handy #Bonino

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