Groutfits…The New Black. And all things Gray…or Grey.


(noun) : an outfit made completely of gray; a gray top and gray bottoms. see also bloutfit (all blue), blackout (all black).
I honestly thought Patrick made this term up based on Meredith’s outfit of choice…gray outfit of choice, which she likes to put on after a “hard day of work”. #LifeOfASocialMediaMaven.  But, alas, he didn’t.  It’s on Urban Dictionary, so it’s quite main stream!
So Meredith, who is a trendsetter, probably didn’t start this trend, but she does know how to rock this look.  Seeing as Gray is the new Black, not only in fashion, but in home decor, I’m dedicating this blog to my favorite Gray outfits, Gray decor, and all things Gray. Except Fifty Shades of Grey.  I refuse to see the movie, even though I read all three books.  I mean, you don’t need to see that on the big screen.  My goodness!
Grey vs Gray
So, what’s the difference?  Grey is the preferred spelling in British English.  Gray is the preferred for American English.  So, here in Chicago, Gray it shall be.  However, I’ve noticed while penning this blog, that I tend to gravitate to the spelling of GREY.







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Not quite a Groutfit, but love the slacks.



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Matt Bomer is the new George Clooney.  In my opinion.


Yes, yes I have.

Grey Flannel – hands down, my favorite men’s cologne.  The fact you can get it at Walmart for about $10, shouldn’t scare you.  The fact that my second favorite men’s cologne, Creed Aventus (thank you William Floyd for smelling so wonderful when we met you), sells for about $395 at Nordstrom, for 4 ounces, should scare the bejeebers out of you.  $395.  Four ounces.   To compare, Grey Flannel, sells for $10.88 at Walmart, for 4 ounces.  I’d say size matters, but not in comparing these colognes!

grey flannel cologne

Grey Flannel cologne by Geoffrey Beene.  $10.88 at Walmart.  4 oz.  Comes with handy little grey flannel bag.  Great to hold our phone charger or earphones when you travel.


creed aventus

Creed Aventus cologne.  $395 at Nordstrom.  4 oz.  Both make my knees weak, but for $384 more, I’d angle towards Grey Flannel.  #SavvyBlogger

Grey is the new White in Home Decor

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I am Obsessed with this floor color!  Obsessed!


There’s that floor color again, but I’m also liking the wall color.  And I never would have thought I’d like gray painted walls.



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Gray Paint Colors… It is all about Gray paint.  If you are looking to sell your home in 2016, and you ask a home-staging professional regarding paint colors, they will tell you Gray.  Gray. Gray. Gray.










For those of use whose homes have nothing that will coordinate with Gray… the trend Gray is the new Black, is a bit, shall we say, disconcerting.

Gray Nail Polish Colors


Not a fan.


Not a fan.


Not a fan.  But this is just me.  Many of my friends sport gray nails and they look great.  Just not for me.

Gray Jewelry








Gray Handbags



Love, love, love this bag.  And no, I do not own it.

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Grey’s Anatomy – I used to like this show.  I used to love this show.  But you cannot kill basically every major character, Sonda Rhimes.  You can’t.  So I stopped watching.  But, I did enjoy it, before the many murders, I mean killing of some of my favorite characters.  That being said, there’s still some great quotes from Grey’s.  I’m all about quotes.

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My Favorite Thing of the Week…Luxury Foot Duvets!  Mer and I received these from Tracy and Audrey!  Love them…the slippers and T and A!


My Favorite Gift:  A horse walks into a bar, cocktail plates.   Sometimes you love these so much, you buy them for 4 people you think will appreciate them the most!  $50 from Ellen DeGeneres gift website.  Ed by Ellen.


You’re welcome.

Song of the Day: If Not For You by George Harrison

If not for you, my sky would fall
Rain would gather, too
Without your love I’d be nowhere at all
I’d be lost, if not for you

If not for you
The winter would hold no spring
Couldn’t hear a robin sing
I just wouldn’t have a clue, if not for you

What I’m watching

Love the Coopers – have to say, not sure I (we) loved it.  But it did give me the inspiration for today’s Song of the Day, so not a total waste.

Ferris Buehler’s Day Off – Mer and I can recite this entire movie.  This is when things get fun when you say the lines with the actors.  I may be the only one who feels this way and I have to say, I think Meredith only picked up this talent/trick because she was sick of me quoting from You’ve Got Mail; Runaway Bride; My Best Friend’s Wedding and Draft Day.  Four of my all-time favorites.

Billions – on Showtime. I may have mentioned this, but I like the show…but I really like to binge-watch.  So thinking I will hold off until the season is done then binge them all.

House of Cards…coming out March 4th.  It shall be a binge-watching weekend next weekend.  “I’m leaving you”.

Favorite Quotes of the week (or two weeks)

A red dress is not permanent.  A tattoo is,.  (LS)

I don’t want to sit next to her.  I’d rather stand.  (SA)

They act like they’re famous and they matter (MOB)

It’s better to deal with sadness than anger.  (TOB…to which someone indicated we could put that on a refrigerator magnet…I’m thinking bigger).

I will have to post What I’m Eating on the next blog, because this blog is already too long.




When you finally get to celebrate your birthday, 5 months later, with your BFF!  Was also lucky to be treated to a fabulous evening with some of my life long friends as well…but we didn’t take a picture.  Which is strange, because we Always take a picture.  Thankfully, Lora and I did… 🙂


Headed to Dallas next week to hang with 4 of my very favorite people.  Ever!  Cannot wait!! 🙂


If I could, I would communicate only with Bitmojis.




Quotes That Make You Laugh Hard Images






  1. You say Gray, I say Grey … love it either way! But, esp love the pearl/diamond lariat necklace . . . a delightful read once again, TOB! Thanks!

  2. You are spot on with your GREY assessment. Love the paint selections !! As always Terry O you have a fab blog!!! I never miss it

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