Super Bowl 50…but the greatest Super Bowl ever was the ’85 Bears!


First of all… Thank you Zack, for telling Meredith to remind me of the ESPN 30 on 30 documentary on the 1985 Chicago Bears. Believe it or not, I was doing “grout work”.  And I’m not just saying that to impress my blog followers.  But, I am/was happy to leave that behind for the time being.  So, my Friday blog that is to be about the Super Bowl is actually going to be a happy trip down memory lane, regarding the ’85 Bears!  It’s my blog and I can do what I want.  Best. Blog. Ever! I will post a link to my last few year’s blogs on Super Bowl food, games, stats, etc at the end of this blog… in case you need some party inspiration.  Plus, they’re pretty sensational!  Just like my ’85 Bears!


If you get a chance, watch the ESPN 30 on 30 documentary on the ’85 Chicago Bears…the Greatest NFL Team of All Time.  Plus, it’s narrated by Vince Vaughn, who I would like to hang with for an afternoon.  He so aptly had to say this about Jay Cutler, “It hasn’t gone terrific”.  Chicago’s an easy city for an athlete…as long as you’re a little bit gracious”.  Ok, haven’t I been saying for years, and quite possibly blogged about the fact the Jay Cutler needs a life coach? I think Vince and I can sit down over a couple of Stellas, and solve the Chicago Bears problems.  Not an easy task, but one that I am up to.  Plus, I’m going to be clearing a few things (or people) off of my schedule, so I’m making time for this.  And I need to figure out how to get to Vince Vaughn, but pretty sure I can make that happen.


My friend Kim (and my Rodan and Fields consultant), her husband Mike and #VinceVaughn…Hmmm… the wheels are turning!


Is it me, or is Vince Vaugh looking better and better?   But I digress… back to the Bears!

Remembering the ’85 Chicago Bears


Stats don’t lie… Unless we’re talking about deflated balls.  #OnceACheaterAlwaysACheater  #Allegedly

Bears 1

The ’85 had 5 players who are in the NFL Pro Hall of Fame.  That, is remarkable!

CaVdrkFUAAM-Jb2 two legendary coaches

The ’85 Bears.  Two legendary coaches.  One epic season!  #ThrowThatOnANapkin


The Bears defense wrote a letter to George Halas, pleading for Buddy Ryan’s job.  I Love this!


Walter Payton was the Greatest Football player of All Time!  As John Madden (my favorite NFL announcer) once said, “God said, I’m going to make a football player, and he made Walter Payton”.  Best. Quote. Ever.  Well, there are lots of Best. Quotes. Ever in this blog!


Miami Dolphins.  #SpoilSports



Bill Parcells knows what’s he’s talking about


The only 2 coaches, ever, to be carried off the field after a Super Bowl victory.


Walter Payton.  Gone too soon…but how we were blessed to watch him play.

Letter written by Buddy Ryan to the ’85 Bears.  Try and read that without a tear in your eye.  If you can, you have no heart.


Ended the regular season 15-1.  Went on to win the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, 46-10.  I remember it like it were yesterday…or 30 years ago!


That…is some pretty nice bling!

Bears 3


nfl_g_chicago11_576 maxresdefault

The ’85 Bears… Sensational!  #85Bears  #GreatestEver

Song of the Day:  Dancing on the Ceiling, by Lionel Ritchie.  I heard this song earlier this week, and literally have now listened to it 27 times.

What is happening here
Something’s going on that’s not quite clear
Somebody turn on the lights
We’re gonna have a party
It’s starting tonight

Super Bowl 50… My prediction.  Broncos over the Panthers.  I’m not really a Broncos fan, but I’m a Peyton Manning fan.  And I realize that Cam Newton will be hard to beat and I’m tickled that a former Chicago Bear, is the Panther’s head coach, but end of the day, I’m still a Peyton Manning fan.

Links to my previous Super Bowl blogs


Happy Birthday to one half of America’s Favorite Couple, my brother in law, Bruce!  Who is more than a brother in law…he’s my financial advisor.  “Buy low and sell high”.  “How about Google”?  Yeah, it’s like $900/share.  I would like 1/9 of a share please. 🙂


What am I reading?

A collection of brilliant quotations for a beautiful life.  Bliss:  Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.  – Joseph Campbell

Timeless Beauty, by Christie Brinkley… I mean, she’s 60 years old?  How is that even fair???

This week’s favorite thing


Thank you my sweet friend Cathy, for giving this to me, because it would have been really awkward to buy it for myself!

But seriously…if you get the chance, watch the ESPN documentary on the ’85 Bears.  Yes, the team was made up a quite the cast of characters…but the talent on that team has never been replicated.  Watching this show was a terrific way to spend 2 hours and it became the inspiration for today’s blog.  Yes, Best. Blog. Ever.


Why am I especially Happy today?  Because I’m meeting some of my very favorite people for Happy Hour!  #HappyEveryHour  #It’s5:00Somewhere  #Cheers

Have a great weekend!  Go Peyton Manning!!





Two words.  Grout work.




Or actually, perhaps it is!


They use the term “high maintenance”…like it’s a bad thing.



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  1. Great Blog!! My hubby went to the Super Bowl Bears game with no ticket, no hotel, just “trusting fate” that it would work out.
    He ended up on the 30 yard line for face value and got a hotel room from someone that “had an extra”… Good times!!

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