30-Day Kindness Challenge

30 acts of kindness challenge

No one said you have to start a 30-day challenge on the first of the month.  I’m starting this today on Martin Luther King Day!  Maybe a day won’t match up with a Kindness challenge”, but you can swap it out with another challenge, or come up with your own.  There are no rules here.  Just like there really are no hard and fast fashion rules.  And yes…you can wear white after Labor Day.  Even though I’m actually pretty certain I’m kind every day, I’m going to try and go the extra mile with this one.


I’m starting todays challenge with “Giving 3 compliments to strangers”…which is to you my blog followers, and yes, I realize that between Carol, Carolyn, Meredith, Louise, NKO, Cinda and my other pals who follow this blog, they don’t equate to strangers, however since I’m averaging 1000+ views per day on this blog, this is for the 9994 other people who just may read this.

  1.  You are very smart and savvy to be reading this blog.
  2. If you read and/or follow this blog, that must mean you have an excellent sense of humor and I find that most endearing.
  3. Reading my blog makes me happy and that makes you a great person. 🙂

And just for the heck of it, I’m going to compliment 3 strangers that I happen upon today!

Life is short.  Be kind.  Be very kind…even when they don’t deserve it. 😉



kill them with kindness


  1. Oh dear that last cartoon made me laugh. Don’t know how you do it but sure am glad you do. And I’m speaking for the 995 who don’t routinely comment. Kindness makes the world go round. Great challenge.


  2. Love this blog, your humor is outstanding, but you always include a nugget of truth and wisdom! Thanks for making us smile and learn!

  3. Challenge accepted!!! And, yes, I am rather smart and savvy for reading your blog! LOL! And, you, my friend, are one of the best people I know — kind, compassionate, generous, caring, sweet, funny, and good-hearted! Love you! NKO

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