THE FORECAST FOR FALL 2015 IS FABULOUS…even when it’s almost Winter!




Well… it’s almost time for Winter Fashion Forecasts and Holiday Dressing… I’m a bit behind.  But, the good news about Fall Fashions, is you truly can wear them almost till May!  And I do.  When perusing the different fall trends, it was hard to find a good “solid list”…one which could work for everyone.  And I realized why.  Some of these are Ridiculous!  And I do not want to take a dig at our good friends in Paris, however the Paris Fall Fashion Trends are not quite something I’d envision wearing, nor anyone I know.  So, with Fabulous Fall Fashion Forecasts, I take them, as I do everything else in Fashion…I just make it my own.

I use these as a Guide.  Not as the hard and fast Rules.  I tend to find pictures I like and try to emulate those in my own style.  So I am including some of the ridiculous Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends, because they’re funny, and I’m funny, and you may find one or two things that you like in each one.  As usual, ETCETERA, helps hit it out of the park, and their own blogger, Margaret Calvin, does a great job presenting and putting her own spin on the trends.

I’m including outfits I like and ones that I will be wearing, or at least envisioning that I’ll be wearing, lest I ever leave my house again. 😉 Plus, shoe and handbag forecasts, which you can always have fun with.  And the top it off, the Pantone colors for fall!



 Fall 2015 Fashion Trends


Thank you Fashion Inspo!

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt is a classic. It can be worn anywhere and goes well with crop top and turtleneck alike. You can even pair your summer pleated skirt with a chunky sweater. Just be sure to choose thicker tights. Short, midi, or maxi – all of the lengths are possible. Short skirts maybe the hit trend of the season but the designers didn’t ignore midi and maxi either.

Maxi Dress

Speaking of maxi length, a maxi dress is another great Fall 2015 trend that is both practical and elegant. You can pair it with any jacket and voila, you’re ready for both day and night. Shed the jacket and a scarf and your outfit is restaurant-worthy. Maxi dress is always a great outfit for a restaurant.

Wide Belt

The waist trend is on the rise or should I say makes a big comeback. This fall waist is the focus. Well, unless you want to wear a chunky sweater. Wide belts are used on everything from coats to dresses and are a great way to define waist cinching away a few centimeters. Big buckles and intricate bows are definitely necessary.


Fur Collar

Fur cuffs were all over runways but the best way to wear fur is at the collar. Whether you are going out or getting married, a winter coat with a fur collar can give you the elegant and chic look. No yeti fur jacket can compete with a midi coat with a lush fur collar.

Chunky Sweater

Chunky sweater is probably my favorite fall trend. It is so practical and yet stylish when worn right. You can wear it with a pleated skirt (even a summer skirt), leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, and even loose flare pants. It’s versatile and just overall cozy.

Duster Coat

Duster coat is definitely a must-have. It’s just simply stylish. Pair it with anything, it will work. Heels? Great contrast. Sneakers? Fashionable. Skinnies, trousers, dresses, anything will look great with a duster coat.

A muted violet trench coat is a nice twist for the basic wardrobe

As for the colors. This year is big on burnt orange, marsala, grey, and military green. The last three are my favorite and are very easy to mix and match with neutrals and brights alike.


Shades of Grey

Grey, grey, grey everywhere. It’s neutral, not easily stained, and super versatile. This year try layering up greys. You don’t even need to break them up as they’ll still work great.

Muted Violet

Ditch the boring beige for muted violet especially if we’re talking outerwear. Trench and duster coats look amazing in this color.

Military Green

Military green is popular as ever. Combining basic wardrobe pieces with cargo elements will never go out of style.



Fall Fashion Forecast by Etcetera blogger, Margaret Calvin

Even before feeling the first nip in the air or seeing the first leaf fall from a tree, fashionistas everywhere are yearning to know what the newest looks will be for the Fall season. Yes, ladies, you know who you are. Maybe you are still loving your summer fashions but you’re wondering, “what’s next?” or “what do I need to make room for in my closet?” Don’t worry, I’m here to help and to guide you through the newest trends to get you ready for the upcoming season. Get ready to “fall” in love!


Icy pastels, in shades of sky blue and parfait pink, are all the rage for Fall and are a welcome change from the intense, hot colors of summer. Selections in these shades abound for work, play and everywhere in between. 





Floral prints are popping up everywhere this fall and winter. Bright and bold, or soft and delicate, there is a floral print for everyone! 



At the opposite end of the spectrum, Fall showcases looks that are understated and restrained but bold in effect. 



Fall fashions include luxurious leather and fur, both as accents, and as the main events. 


I hope this taste of Fall whets your appetite for the fabulous season to come. It will be here before you know it, and it will be time to wear the cool weather fashions we are dreaming about today. Stay cool and make some room in your closet!











Truth be told, I don’t see myself wearing ANY of these shoes or boots.  And I mean, Any of them!



I feel a little better about these handbags, but not much.







Double Crazy!

a lot can happen in a year

My Favorite Fall Looks





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Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away with my favorite fall looks, but I’m looking for some serious inspiration and plan on referring back to this blog, often!

Song of the Day:  Rocket Man by Elton John

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be fabulous

And pretty soon I will be back to weekly blogging and looking forward to addressing pressing topics such as Holiday Dressing, The Kardashians and why aren’t their three minutes up?, Holiday Gift Ideas, more of my Favorite Things and the upcoming one-year anniversary of Maxie!  Thank you to those who reached out to me letting me know I was missed.  <3 <3 <3



And at the end of the day…

A few parting thoughts.  The new movie Vacation, the sequel to the National Lampoon Vacation series  was Painful to watch.  Painful! 17″ of snow in Snovember.  Wow!  Beautiful, but wow!   And lastly, My Bears.  My oh my, my Bears.  We are 4-6.  Could be 8-2, but at least 4 of those games could have gone either way and sadly they went the other way.  The Bears play Thanksgiving night, vs. The Packers.  Here’s hoping it won’t be an UnBearable Thanksgiving. Go Bears!!

Peace.  Love.  Thanks.










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  1. I do understand your sarcasm as I am an advanced form as well. So much inspiration here, I will also be back. My favorites are the long, cozy flowy cardigans with leggings and boots or flats…basically like wearing chic pajamas. Watched the end of the Bears game, Tom said come on you have to see this…let down! Happy Thanksgiving dear gal!

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