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And just like that…Magic!!  Team Kourage raised $33,145 in the Les Turner ALS Foundation Walk for Life, on Sunday, September 27th, at Soldier Field.   Double what we raised last year!  73 people walked With us.  73 people walked For us.  Over 150 people donated for our family.  Some, donated twice! Out of 200+ teams, Team Kourage was #4 in fundraising!  And, I do not do well asking for money, so that is truly the kindness and generosity of those around us.  $33,145.  That is remarkable!  Our friends and family are Remarkable.

It was a magical day.  Surrounded by Family.  Surrounded by Friends, who quite frankly are Family.  The love and support my family has received brings me to tears.  Every day.  While we never did get all 73 walkers in one place for a group picture, here is a compilation of the pictures my team sent us!  #TeamKourage


That time when your friend flew all the way in from Boston for your walk…and the Band was back together, if ever so briefly!  #TrueBlueFriends #MySoleSister


The Stein Family!  #SoleSister  #LoveThem


It took a Village… I truly mean that!  This lovely group of ladies, and Mark, had every last little detail planned.  They had a banquet of food and drinks for Team Kourage!  I love these people!!



S, D, and C!


Renee and Dr. Stevie


The Burns Family.


Me and my buddy, Mark!


The Banner Holders!

Patrick Mary Walk

A couple of college kids made it home for the Walk.  Welcome home Patrick and Mary!!


Mer Mer and Dana.  #TeamTerry


Just some crazy kids hanging out at Soldier Field.  #ForACause  #WinnersAtTheField


Team Kourage is in the house!


Jane, Cindy, Shefali, Connie and Jan!   The gals from the hood. 😉


Patrick! <3


Linda overseeing the Jimmy Johns sandwiches.  They’re Freaky Fast!


Hello LSULeslie!


Kousins for a Kure!



Kontinuing with the Kousins for a Kure!


Audrey’s art project.  The lost Stein.


Nancy and my darling god-daughter, Lindsey!


Lora and RV taking a selfie. 🙂


Lora, Lisa, LAP and NKO!  Enjoying some post-walk libations…or perhaps, this is pre-walk?  It’s 5:00 somewhere!


Rhonda and the girls.



And Luke is off!


Kev and his posse.


More Burns!


Connie and Jan



Cindy and Kim




More banner walker!  Guessing it ain’t coffee in those cups!  #JustSayin’



Neil, Steph and Deb



Kourage will follow when Faith takes the Lead!  Thanks Jay and Lora and Visit Anaheim!  xoxo


Life long friends!


Now That’s a view!


They were on a Break!

Team Crane

Team Crane!


Soldier Field… before the Walkers converged upon it.


#TeamKourage puppy.



Thank you Foglia Family Foundation for donating $100,000 to the Walk, which $14,350 was directed towards Team Kourage!  Paul Launer’s Iron Horse Brigade, Jeff’s Juggernauts and Team Kourage all received a portion of this generous donation.

And that, my friends, was a very good day.

Song of the Day:  We’ll Never Have to Goodbye Again, by England Dan and John Ford Coley

You must leave, I know you will
I won’t let you go until you show me some secret
For making this time stand still

And somewhere sometime from now
Together again somehow all of the waiting will seem
Like a moment and then
We’ll never have to say goodbye again
We’ll never have to say goodbye again

12042812_1271454766213447_5000878241756160468_n (1)


Thank you everyone, from the very bottom of our hearts.  Thank you to all who donated.  Thank you for all who walked.  Thank you to those who came to walk, but helped our family instead.  Thank you to those who walked with us in spirit.  Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and love that has been given my family.  We are blessed beyond belief.

One day there will be a cure named after Lou Gehrig, rather than a disease.



first of all





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  2. Great pics, great cause, great walk to honor great people … glad to be a part of it. Thank YOU!!! xoxo

  3. Blessings, that last picture with the $100,000 check gave me goosebumps…wow, to have influenced that generous contribution is just fabulous. My favorite of course are the pictures with Kevin, and the one with his big smile just says it all. He’s the hero in all of this, and prayers continue for him and your family. Such Kourage!!!

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