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I was minding my own business about a week and a half ago, with Mer, Zack and Bruce, when I received an email that there was a Pending  comment on my blog And there comes a time about dropping Patrick off at school. All comments are Pending, until I approve them.  That’s call Control.  🙂

he’s going to college, with friends, counselors a credit card and cell phone, not Afghanistan, buck up

Hmmm…wasn’t sure what she was getting at.  I didn’t know this person.  Was she being catty?  Supportive? Was she showing me tough love?  Was she being rude?   Was I being persuaded to start deer hunting  To be sure I didn’t have a Hater out there, I decided to Google, “Buck up”, and went to my “go to” Urban Dictionary:

Buck Up:

Buck up means to basically grin and bear it, kinda like sayin “get over it” only more nicely. It’s especially used in the south and often in small towns.


Ok, I was being told to “get over it”, only more nicely. I can live with that.  I should Buck Up.  I mean, Patrick is 18.  He’s an adult.  He deserves to go off to college and get an education.  And Marie was right (Yes, her name is Marie because she used her name and didn’t hide behind an anonymous post), I need to get over it.  Thank you Marie!  And 2 weeks later, I believe I have.  Not so much at the beginning, but Life does go on, and while I/we are all sad Patrick isn’t home with us, we seem to be doing a-okay.  Yes, I still do randomly shed a few tears, but it’s not like that’s anything new.  He’s great at keeping in touch. We Facetime, talk and text.  I keep him updated with pictures of Maxine.  It’s not like I’m never going to see him again, and Lord knows, I have plenty of pictures of him…

going to miami

Patrick sophomore football0001


Scan POB May 2015 009


What bums me about this picture, of Patrick, Mary and her parents, is I’m not in it.  I was taking the picture, because I didn’t want to be in the picture.  Why?  Who knows?  But this was during an absolutely Fantastic dinner… and I am looking forward to visiting my new favorite Mexican restaurant, to have my picture taken with this Fab Four.  🙂


Just a college boy, studying.  Wearing headphones?  While listening to music?  Hmmm…#LetItGo


Patrick asked me to go pick up a paycheck at the club where he works.  I went to the front desk and asked for Patrick’s check, “I’m his mom”. The 2 women behind the desk, just Lit up!  “Patrick is great”.  “We love him”.  “He’s such a great worker”.  “Not all high school kids are”.  I have to say, rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear something nice about Patrick.  My neighbor will stop their car, when I’m out running (Ok, walking) to tell me what a nice young man he is.  Susan tells me on a regular basis, what a great husband and father my son will be.  I get random texts from friends who saw him over the summer, telling me, “I just love that kid”.  “What a handsome and polite young man”.  “He’s our favorite out of all the friends”.  And yes, I’m bragging and beaming with pride.  And yes, I hear the same about Meredith, ‘cept “handsome” is usually replaced with “Beautiful”… and let’s face it, Meredith most certainly had her day in the sun, with 4 years of her mom blogging about her at college.  And let’s not forget, my very famous post, You Can Take a Girl Out of College…so yes, Mer has gotten her fair-share of blog time.


Song of the Day:  Do Life Big, by Jamie Grace

Saying I came to give you life,
So spread your wings and fly,
I’ve got a secret to share,
You are enough to change the atmosphere,

So go and do life big,
I wanna do life big,


Do Life Big!  Life is short…Buck Up!

Have a Fantastic…and Safe,  Labor Day!



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  1. Tear in my eye, laughing over here…Lucy and Ethel, hangover reminds me I’m an idiot, and such a sweet verse about pride in our sons!! Just sent Brian back to Univ Minn and while it’s not Afghanistan (Marie, I liked your buck up line,) it’s a long way from Tennessee. But I’d say by senior year the overwhelming emotion from this mom is PRIDE so you nailed it once again Terry. (hope you moderate my comment IN, lol.) Happy Labor Day weekend. Stellas for everyone!

  2. You managed to simultaneously pull the tear and laughter strings once again. You were very gracious to #MsBuckUp. 😉 Agree that college is a far cry from Afghanistan, but you’re allowed to grieve a week or two at the conclusion of a never-to-be-opened-again-chapter in a very important book. I’ve seen sharp-looking men’s men walk out of a dorm room with tears rolling down their faces. (Have you seen Rob Lowe’s article in Sep issue of RD?) It’s not ingratitude or self-pity, or longing to have them back forever, but the natural phase when our heart learns to adjust to the absence of a familiar and very special 18-year presence. I for one appreciate your authenticity as well as your willingness to share your very real and well-lived life, personally aiding my pursuit of happiness and longevity via laughter producing endorphins and the ancient stress detox ritual known as a good old-fashioned cry. Here’s to a great Labor Day weekend and the pursuit of happy longevity!

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