Eat the …blanketey blank…Cake


Today’s blog was going to be titled, Buck Up… dedicated to a comment made on my blog.  But instead, I’m saving that little goody for next week, because this just happened to “fall into my lap”, and this is a way better way for me to start my Friday.  Heck, it’s a way better way for everyone to start their Friday.  A few little Life’s Reminders!

Eat the Damn Chocolate Cake…Dance…Sing…Smile at everyone.  Go barefoot.  Laugh every chance you get…Help others.

Live Life to the Fullest. 

No Regrets.

Life is way too Short!



Song of the Day:  Boy Meets Girl – Waiting for a star to fall. 

I’ve learned to feel what I cannot see
But with you I lose that vision
I don’t know how to dream your dream
So I’m all caught up in superstition
I want to reach out and pull you to me
Who says I should let a wild one go free


Live life to the fullest.  No regrets.  Life is way too short.




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  1. Alrightee then, game on. Snacking on fresh, fresh good n plenty in Nashville and glad I read your blog today. Here for you always sweet, funny friend!

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