And so it Begins! A Week of College Posts!


Welcome to back to College Week… a fun-filled week, at least Thursday – Thursday,  of everything going back to college!  Of course I’ve already witnessed some friend’s children going off to school.  Hindsight being 20/20, should have started this last week, so everyone could take advantage of my posts.    But why live in the past?  My mantra btw.  So today begins posts dedicated to those going back to or going to college and their parent’s.

Today’s blog is short and sweet.  Just like this summer.  Shortest.  Summer.  Ever!




I am literally sobbing as I write this.  Thankfully, tonight is the Bears v Dolphins pre-season game, So I have been able to turn the tears of sorrow, to tears of joy!


Cannot wait!!  Best. Day Ever!  Go Bears!!




I am Hilarious!



But sometimes, vulgarity can be pretty darned funny!  But not everyone should try it.  When in doubt, don’t!


  1. Sigh, hate to use the cliche bittersweet, and hate to say this is what we raise them to do, but happy to say Patrick is a class act that will always be a loving son, near or far. Guess if he was more of a jerk it would be easier letting go…but glad he’s such a sweetheart. Keep smiling between the tears, you deserve both dear friend.

  2. Here’s another cliché…roots and wings. Bleh. I sobbed from the time we walked out of his dorm room through the entire trip home and for a week afterwards, daily going to his room to lie down on his bed to wonder about every decision we’d made and whether or not I’d really been a good mom. After a week it lifted significantly. Eleven lightening fast years later he’s graduated, married, had two sons of his own and living in another state considering going back to school. What you’re feeling is a different kind of birthing pain, the rewards even better than the first time around.

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