Going to Miami!


It seems all of one’s senior year in high school, these seniors are constantly questioned by people asking them “where you going to college”?  Even as the parents, we are always asked the same questions.  “Has POB made up his mind”? “Where is Patrick going to college”?  “Where has he gotten in”?  The question on everyone’s mind.  Senior year in high school is all about that all-important decision, “where are you heading to college”?  I for one, as the mother of a senior, am Not ready for this decision.  Nor am I ready for my son, the baby of the family, to go away to college.  Life, however goes on, whether or not I am ready for it.  Whether or not we are ready for it.  And I/we  am/are not ready for it, btw.  However, the decision has been made.  Though Friday, May 1st, was decision day…


They had him at Hello.

For 2 years now people have been saying to Patrick, “Miami of Ohio has your name all over it”.  “That school was made for Patrick”.  “What a perfect fit for you”.  Only problem was, neither Patrick nor I ever visited Miami.  That changed in April.  Everyone was correct.  They had him at Hello.  🙂

going to miami

Patrick…is Going to Miami!  Miami University, in Oxford.  Not, Miami, FL, btw.  Which is a common mistake.  My friend C said of Miami, “It’s what you would think Harvard looks like, but it doesn’t.  Miami is prettier”.  Miami is also “very preppy”, which matches Patrick “to a T”. 🙂  Good fit for a good boy.  Great fit for a great young man!!


Looks like he will also have a friend going to the same school. 🙂

Song of the Day:  Miami by Will Smith – Sorry, can’t help but pick this song, even though it’s the “wrong” Miami… and due to the crazy lyrics, I can only use one line.  #OhWell

I’m going to Miami, welcome to Miami


And what you all have to look forward to, is 4 months of me preparing, “what a boy packs for college”, “Terry goes back to college”, “My heart being ripped out of my chest” :), etc, etc, etc.


I think Patrick and I will both be very happy at Miami of Ohio. 😉 #KIDDING  He leaves in just 4 months.  Less than 4 months, actually.  I hope it’s a long 4 months.  Gosh I hope so.


Even Maxie is getting into the Miami spirit with her Miami bandana. Speaking of  Maxie…today she starts 2 weeks of doggy school.  She’s sweet, but let’s just say she has selective hearing.  🙂




Can’t even say this out loud without being all choked up.



Sooner or later…


  1. Oh dear friend, so many thoughts. Congrats to Patrick! I’m two years behind you so can only imagine. But when you want to hide the car keys and make him stay in August…just imagine if you never left your parents home!? I know you are over the moon happy for him. And “just a little” sad inside. Thank goodness it sounds like Maxie may be schooling for a bit and will stay right by your side, selective hearing and all. Love Patrick’s cuffed sleeves, snappy co-Ed!

  2. Patrick will succeed wherever he goes. It’s far enough to not be able to come home every weekend but close enough when home is where he wants to be. As for Maxie . . . dogs are like husbands — you love ’em but would love ’em even more if they’d only listen to you!! Congrats and best of luck to ALL of you!!

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