For the Love of Artichokes…


I have always liked artichokes.  I remember growing up my family would eat then on Easter while watching Song of Bernadette.  I believe my mom would boil them and serve with drawn butter. Tasty afternoon treat while watching the 3-hour movie.  🙂



Fast forward a few decades and Meredith requested we buy some artichokes.  I planned on boiling them and serving them with drawn butter just like my mom did.  Oh, and the above photo is a stock photo… we did not have those square dishes and small ramekins.  Thankfully, I decided to do some sleuthing in finding the best way to prepare artichokes.  I believe I succeeded.  I am in no way a foodie, nor am I qualified to blog about food, but I can follow a recipe and have even been known to change it to make it my own.  Therefore, I am qualified to share a recipe that I think absolutely Rocks!


I found this recipe on Pinterest, and did my own variation of it, because I have a very strong aversion to garlic. Artichokes are now my new favorite vegetable, quite possibly replacing brussel sprouts.  Well, almost.


Trim and quarter the artichokes.  Cut down 1/3 down from the top.

Place them in a pot, covered with water and boil till tender.  About 20 minutes.

Put the quartered artichokes in a bowl (I didn’t allow to cool, but the original recipe suggests you do) and drizzle with Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese between the leaves with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a Dash of garlic powder. Just a dash.  The original recipe calls for garlic cloves, but there was no way I was doing that.  Then sprinkle Parsley on top of the bowl.

Place the artichokes on a hot grill, turning over until the cheese looks crusty.  This takes only a few minutes.  Remove them with tongs and they are ready to eat.  Or devour!

You can serve with melted butter.

I’m telling you, so, so delicious!!


Song of the Day:  Let the Good Times Roll by JD McPherson.  Yet another Fabulous recommendation by Dr. Stevie.   Quite frankly have never heard of this song, but it’s snappy and stays with you.  All day long.

Let the sky open up little darling, follow me when I go
Let the sky open up, let the good times roll
Why can’t you see I’m standing by the door

Let the good times roll.

Peace out.





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