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I cannot help myself.  I must recap last night’s Academy Awards.  Typically “Recap” is what my friends and I say on the way home from a party or event that must be “recapped”.  Same goes for this year’s Academy Awards.  So much to say, so I will edit what I choose to recap.  #BestBlogEver

An Oscar Recap According to Me

1.  While I was happy with some of the winners (and I corrected guessed all 4 acting winners, but that’s basically all I guessed correctly), I found the show boring.  Very boring. #ZZZZZZZZZ

2.  If it weren’t for Twitter and Facebook, which helped keep me entertained, I would have gone to bed at 8PM cst. Thank you Tracy, Cherai and my other funny friends!

I’ll take “Jokes that never get old for $100, Alex.” – Tracy



“It takes a lot of balls to be Neil Patrick Harris”. – I have no idea who said this, but I pirated it as my own.



* Hey Toto, you wrote a song about the wrong sister. – Tracy

* John Travolta…what’s with the hair? – Jackie

*It’s Eddie Munster and Drakula…the love child. – Tracy

I mean, seriously…



3.  Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) did pretty well.  Started out great but quickly went downhill.  His Best line, ”  * “Takes a lot of balls to wear that dress” – NPH . Balls seemed to be a running joke.



4.  While I was expecting it to be a Disaster…I was super impressed with Lady Gaga singing from the Sound of Music!  I mean, OMG!  To impress Julie Andrews singing Julie Andrew’s best songs, is not easy.  I loved it!  Second best line of night,

“Now Julie Andrews will sing Poker Face”.


87th Annual Academy Awards - Show


5.  I was brought to tears when Eddie Redmayne won for Best Actor for portraying Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.  Seriously, could he be more charming?  No he could not! Charming knows Charming.



Facebook Post from Stephen Hawking to Eddie Redmayne

Public Figure · 2,528,038 Likes

Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne for winning an ‪#‎Oscar‬ for playing me in The Theory of Everything Movie. Well done Eddie, I’m very proud of you. -SH

“If you can impress someone this smart, you are doing something right”.

6.  Fifty Shades of Awkward – Dakota Johnson and her mother, Melanie Griffith.  At the end of the day, Dakota Johnson proved to be a brat.  Show respect to your mother.  Manners 101.  Google it if you want to see it.  I can’t bear to watch it again. 🙂


7.  $160,000 in SWAG bags is Absolutely Ridiculous.  Take that money, or the money from the products and do something productive for society with it.  Giving these bags to celebrities who make upwards of millions and millions of dollars per film, even as a “consolation prize”, is a waste.  Do something for those less fortunate than the multi-millionaire actors.  #JustSaying



8.  John Travolta providing not one, as shown above, but two awkward moments.  He must be stopped.  #Priceless



9.  Spit that gum out, Michael Keaton.  For pete’s sakes!

10.  Best Dressed – my favorites – The Ladies

slide_405086_5049592_free jennifer-lopez-oscars-2015-academy-awards-2 zoe-saldana-oscars-2015-academy-awards jennifer-aniston-oscars-2015-academy-awards1 kerry-washington-oscars-2015-academy-awards2 jennifer-hudson-oscars-2015-academy-awards jenna-dewan-tatum-oscars-2015-academy-awards anna-kendrick-oscars-2015-academy-awards chrissy-teigen-oscars-2015-academy-awards kelly-ripa-oscars-2015-academy-awards

11.  Best Dressed – The Men



Eddie Redmayne.:)






My favorite line… “Call your parents”.  Thank you JK Simmons.  Wish I could do just that.

Mom and Pop 001 (2)




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