Jackie Kennedy Style Tips

Dress like Jackie
Dress like Jackie

Coming off January which was a month of blogs about Murphy, Super Bowl, Maxie, 30-Day Abs, Dressing like Olivia Pope, and How to have a lovely day!  Not too much about style, other than Olivia Pope.  So I thought I’d highlight some “style tips” from Jackie Kennedy, who has always been one of my style icons.   This is Dressed to a T, btw.  And again, I do appreciate those who tell me they enjoy my blogs when they are more about “my life”, but I prefer blogs Not about “my life”. #keepemguessing #boringlife #notboringgal


Pearls are always appropriate

Yves Saint Laurent once said that fashion fades, but style is eternal. Every time I hear this quote, I immediately think of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Laura Dunn.

Laura Dunn, writes a Political Style blog, and had this to say about Jackie Kennedy’s style.  I think she happens to be right on, so happy to reblog this.

“I’ve been a fan of Jackie Kennedy for several years, with a particular interest in the work of the Kennedy Administration and Jackie’s time as a book editor. The period of her life ‘after Jack’ is similarly intriguing, and it is this era of her life that I look to for timeless fashion tips”.

Jackie Kennedy Style Tips

1. Never be without your sunglasses: I always opt for big sunglasses, or at least ones that cover the whole of my eyes! Jackie was known for the bug-eyed style of glasses, and legend has it that she had a bowl by her front door that contained many different pairs. This is a Terry O style tip, as well!  When in Rome…

Jackie Kennedy

2. Own a classic handbag: From Gucci to Hermes, Jackie carried a designer handbag to store her essentials. While you don’t have to spend several months rent on the latest purse, look for a classic shape and color scheme that will take you easily from season to season.  Yet another Terry O tip!  #sisters


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3. Off-duty doesn’t have to be untrendy: When she wasn’t on ‘duty,’ Jackie would opt for jeans and a pair of Keds to run around town. With endless options to choose from, there are pairs of Keds for everyone! Plus they’re very useful for running away from paparazzi!  I can relate.

jackie Jacki

4. Invest in jewelry that will last a lifetime: Timeless pieces of jewelry are always a winner, and Jackie had several items that she wore from her time as a Senator’s wife in the 1950s, up until her death in 1994. Because luxury items hold their value, consider investing in a timeless piece that will bring both revenue and style. Thank you Kevin!




5. Keep them guessing: Many of Jackie’s jewels were actually costume jewelry designed by Kenneth Jay Lane. She even had real pieces recast in paste, and many individuals couldn’t tell the difference. If costume jewelry worked for Jackie, it will work for you!  I have a knack for losing jewelry.  This is a great tip.  Take it from someone who knows. 🙂


Great Jackie Looks that I Love <3

Jackie Style

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Jackie Kennedy Quotes 


I have heard about this quote for many, many years.  I have, myself, also tried to live by this quote.


You cannot separate the good from the bad…But I do try to focus on the good.


Something that we, in this social media day and age, need to remember.

Song of the Day:  Only One by John Butler Trip – Another great rec by Dr. Stevie! Love her!  Love this song!  Crazy video, btw. 😉

To me you are the only one
Who can help unwind my tangled mind
I am the seed but you’re the sun
I’m telling anybody tell everybody

460cae9bc1a997b0859ae9ee8db56f05So here we are the week after Super Bowl…and typically one of the sadder weeks of the year for me, because it’s well, “Too many to count”, weeks till Football starts up again.  Whatever will I do to fill my time? 😉


Wearing Red today in honor of Heart Disease Awareness.  #GoRed

Have a great weekend.  Maxie gets her first training class.  #BadlyNeeded #PackLeaderTraining


Happiest of Birthdays to Amelia!  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Amelia (One of the only ones I have, btw)…one of my very favorite and most stylish friends (with  this blogger and Joy, another favorite and very stylish friend).

Terry Amelia Joy

Live your life.  And last, but certainly not least… a very Happy Birthday to Bruce, my first male blog follower and someone who truly knows how to live life. 🙂 #nopicrequired #onehalfofamericasfavoritecouple




One walking disaster.



Do this every day!






c1729bfda9236bdabb48a3f269db8240Kinda true.


Oldie, but goodie!

Source:  http://www.levo.com/articles/fashion/5-fashion-tips-from-jackie-kennedy




  1. You remind me…need to get more pearls! Love the triple strand (both choker and longer would be nice too) and the chunky pearl choker. I just realized, she wasn’t very endowed above the waist, was she? She was a classic!

  2. Another good blog, T . . . Jackie was always an ‘interesting’ person to me. Widowed at such a young age, everything scrutinized and seemed to have her head on straight and priorities in order. And yes, Carol, she had what we used to call a ‘boy’s body’ and also had very large hands and bit her nails along with large fore-arms . . . that’s why she always wore gloves!

  3. Sunglasses….I lose mine all the time. As for gloves, she’s wearing them all the time and they are a necessity in Chicago in winter. That and scarves, you need to work a Millinery type of blog. Need to match as well as hats, Easter and it’s Derby time anyway….

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