Dressing like Olivia Pope and Pop, Fizz, Clink and Bears Beat.


Dressing like Olivia Pope.  Pop, Fizz, Clink.  And Bears Beat, feathered in with Deflate-gate.  The Trifecta, or Quadfecta of Blogs!  Small snippets wrapped into one blog.  Best. Friday. Ever!

I don’t watch Scandal, or should I say, haven’t watched a full episode, however I am well aware of the character, Olivia Pope.  She is a fashion icon and with good reason. Just like Kerry Washington, the actress who plays her.  I love her style, so was absolutely delighted when I saw this Infographic.  It touches upon her style and how you can emulate her power-dressing.  So cool, yet with her own unique flair feathered into classic looks. And who said the pant suit is no longer chic?  No I and certainly Not Olivia Pope! 🙂 These pictures give me style inspiration.  Bringing back the tailored pant suit!  Loving it!!  The trench coat, becomes part of the outfit and worn all day.  Again, Loving it!

how to dress like olivia pope


Last week was fun and exhausting.  Literally, I was so exhausted I didn’t even recap what a great time I had with some of my favorite people ever.  Or share any pictures.   My week started off on the highest of all notes, when I was given the most fabulous clutch ever to grace my arms, by LSU Leslie… one of my favorite things from one of my favorite people! My only regret is I don’t have more pictures with some of my favorite people.  Lora. Rhonda. Leslie.  🙂



She said she was motivated by something she saw on my blog…Guessing it was this. 🙂


Thinking of putting more fabulous, sassy sayings in my blog to motivate others. 🙂


Dana, Birthday boy Chad, Moi, Tom and Jay.  The dirty martini was actually too dirty for me, hence why I was drinking wine.  And I am Not high maintenance as Dana makes me out to be.  At all. 🙂

Song of the Day:  Theme from the Greatest American Hero, by Joey  Scarbury.  Snappy tune and one when I hear it will literally stop dead in my tracks and break out in song.  Because that’s how I roll.

Just like the light of a new day,
It hit me from out of the blue.
Breaking me out of the spell I was in,
Making all of my wishes come true ue ue.

dress like you're already famous

My favorite quote of the year!  And my favorite comment, when I posted this on FB, came from Tracy, “wait, what?  I thought You were already Famous?  I’m confused”.  Love the quote and love that girl!


Bears Beat!

I have been asked many, many times about my take on the Bears coaching changes.  Funny, people seem to get the impression I know what I’m talking about and truly care about our football team.  Well, I do.  😉 I think we are moving in the right direction.  Marc Trestman is a good coach.  Was he head coach material?  Maybe in the CFL, but not in the NFL.  At least he didn’t show it this year.  Of course, last year we were 10 seconds from making the playoffs.  #stillbitter. But this year imploded and sadly, the end did justify the means.  His new role as Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens should  be a good fit for him.  Time will tell.

John Fox, the new head coach will do great things for the Bears.  Seriously, he made it to the Super Bowl last year and the playoffs this year (and not as a Wild Card), yet he was still fired?  Clearly John Elway expected more from him.  In this case, I do not agree that the means justified the end.  Broncos loss is the Bears gain!  Plus, we have nowhere to go but up!!  Adam Gase our new Offensive Coordinator was a Brilliant move.  Can these coaching changes bring us to greatness with Jay?  Not unless Cutler decides to become the leader of the team.  While the Bears decide to put their $$$ (what little they throw around) with Cutler, he needs to snap to attention, get with the program and be the leader of the team.  Hiring Fox and Gase is evidence that the Bears are sticking with Cutler and hiring coaches they think will make his successful.  What does Jay need to do?  Again, Jay needs to be a Leader.  He has fallen short.  He needs a Life Coach, but I digress.  Jay needs to a leader and lead us to the Super Bowl!  Yes, Mark, I will pump the brake! Sorry, but enthusiasm runs through my veins.



As far as Deflatgate and the Patriot’s are concerned…  My opinion, and it’s only my opinion: The Patriots are one of the best teams in football and have been for years.  Tom Brady is a legend.  Bill Belichick is a fabulous coach yet, truth be told, a tad bit ornery (I’m being kind).  But still a great coach.  They are too good to have to cheat.  They don’t need to cheat.  As my friend Mark reminded me, innocent, till proven guilty. Regardless, the team’s reputation and that of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been tainted.  Even if it was not intentional.  The press conference they both did yesterday did not help either’s case.  Sadly, Tom fared worse than Belichick. The press has not been kind.  At the end of the day, or game, deflated balls did not help the Patriots win the game over the Colts.  The Colts not playing well or playing as they did the entire season is why the Patriots dominated that game.  It was a blowout. It was painful to watch.  #TeamZack. The best team won that game. Deflated balls or not (I mean this in a purely football manner, btw).  The Colts are a great team and I do predict they will have their own stint in a Super Bowl and in the not-too-distant future.  Andrew Luck is a Leader.  #agedoesnotmatter. Perhaps another Bears v Colts Superbowl?  Hopefully with a different outcome this time.  😉 Of course, the Bears would have to make it into the playoffs first.  #Optimistic  #PowerofPositiveThinking #theresalwaysnextyear

Have a great weekend…new and exciting things are ahead!  And, Celebrating happy news regarding our dear friend Tom. Love to you and Carolyn. <3





time for grief





Genuinely happy!  #Yup


Sorry, but this makes me giggle.




  1. Once again, fabulous!! love the shout -out….here are some things to ponder for another day–why is Target Cartwheel so bloody PAINFUL??… and can I lose 30 pounds by next Friday ?? Discuss.– LSU Leslie

  2. Please include me if you give LSU Leslie any advice regarding that pesky weight loss issue! And, LOVE this week’s blog! xoxo

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