The kindness of friends and family…and 2015


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As I sit here waiting to see if school is cancelled for the 3rd day in a row, which would make it 3 full weeks with no school for Patrick, it dawned on me, that tomorrow is Friday and that means Blog Day.  And while I wanted to blog about things to do in the new year, something else has been weighing heavy on my heart and mind.  So this blog will be two-fold.  #myblog


I want and need to give a shout-out (no names to protect the innocent) to my family and friends, who have been Amazing during the past 2 weeks, to me and my family, since Murphy went over the Rainbow Bridge.  From the family and friends who were keeping in touch with us through the holidays, and on Christmas Day, checking to see how Murph was and how my family was holding up and who worried about our gal as much as we did.  To my friend who showed up at our door, the night Murphy passed, to cry with my family. To my friend who showed up the following day with a bottle of Flowers Chardonnay and my favorite guilty pleasure, Shrimp Butter, because she knew we were hunkering down and planned to watch movies all day.  To my friend who dropped off 2 framed pictures, and left them on my porch, of 2 of my favorite pictures of Murph, which are now prominently displayed where I can see them almost every minute of every day.  To my friends who sent cards to my family.  To my lifelong friends who sent me flowers. To my friend, whose kids made us cards and sent cards and pictures to us.  To my friends who knew the words that would make me smile, “she’s such a good girl”,  “and she sits”.  To my family, who understood that losing Murphy was one of the hardest things I/we have ever had to go through.  To the 2 different vets who both sent cards which I received 2 days after Murphy passed away.  To the friend who sent a journal, and would have No idea what it would mean to me at the time I received it. To my friend who would send me funny comments. loving comments and pictures trying to cheer me up. To the friend who “out of the blue” sent me the Murphy emoji.  To my friend who sent me an inspirational story to give us all hope, while offering to drink wine with me.  To the friend who told us that she never saw a family love a dog as much as we loved Murph.  To the many, many, many texts I received expressing sadness and support to our family.  To the many, many phone calls I received, which  I couldn’t return, because I had no voice.  To the friends and family members who knew to give me time, because they knew our family was badly grieving.  To the friends and family members who refused to give us time, because they needed to talk to us.  To the friends and family who tried to “get us out of the house”.  To the friends and family who wanted to come over and sit with us.  To my Facebook family whose sentiments and thoughts warm my heart, because I revisit the wonderful posts written about Murph, every single day.  To the Giant Schnauzer rescue group, who has already introduced us to a potential new member of our family, but understands we may need “more time”.

thank you for brightening

Thank you all, from the very bottom of my /our hearts.   <3 <3 <3  We are so very lucky to be blessed and surrounded by all of you.  It also was evident that Murphy affected so many lives, other than my family.  #oneofakind #suchagoodgirl #beautygirl



And thank you to whomever posted this which opened our hearts to the possibility of getting another dog.  Possible goal for 2015. #Maxie

Murph…I love you, I miss you, and I thank you for bringing joy and happiness to our family.  I will think of you every day for the rest of my life.  Our sweet angel. <3 <3 <3



So moving on…what will 2015 bring us?  Aside from more pictures of Murphy in blogs? 🙂

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3 Hobbies 

1. I have my blog, which does Not make me money, does not keep me in shape, but does allow me to be creative.  It Can make money, and I have been approached in ways that I Could make money, but I’m not interested, at this time.

2. Because I used to walk Murph and would Always clock in over 10,000 steps a day and would more often than not, hit 15,000/day, and since that’s no longer “on the table”, I need to dial that up.  I will think of my Fitbit, or my new fitness tracker, as my hobby, because I have gotten a bit “off track” since Christmas.  Truly, one day registered 3800 steps.  #pathetic.

3. So, to make money, one could say Dressedtoat does that, but truly, I spend more money buying the clothes than one could ever possibly make selling the clothes, since it includes (or included) clothes for Kevin and Patrick, so I need to find another hobby not clothes-related.  Let’s just say, I have “options”.  More on that later.

Ok, so what else for 2015?



I love all of these and will feather these into my month(s).  What I like about this list is it’s more than the typical, Getting more sleep, drinking more water, getting more organized, reading more, etc…Even though those are all valid and desperately needed, at least in my life, I like things that are a bit “off the beaten path”.  Plus, based on last week’s vital blog,  How to have a lovely day, we already have that down!   And love how that list ends, Taking an important risk.  #2015ismyyear #bringiton


That’s it!  Let’s make 2015 the Best Yet.  I am all in!




Song of the Day:  John Butler Trio, Only One.  Thanks @doctorstevie for the inspiration. Awesome song.  Crazy video.  Best friend.

To me you are the only one
Who can help unwind my tangled mind
I am the seed but you’re the sun
I’m telling anybody tell everybody

It’s going to be a freakin’ fabulous friday, as there is yet another Snow/Cold day. #noschool #livingthedream #sleepingin.  My favorite meeting of the year coming up starting Sunday.  Hanging with industry friends, who are more like family, eating and drinking like a rockstar, dancing the night away, with a little education feathered in just to make things interesting.  Best. Week. Ever!

Peace out.






best therapist



cold outside

You know what?  It’s cold outside. 🙂



  1. Love this and you! Miss you and that sweet Murphy….look she sits:) thanks for writing things that I need to hear and remind myself daily!

  2. I am sitting n my office crying my eyes out. I have loved and lost animal companions in my life and I feel your pain. Loved that you shared so much.

  3. Such insight on a cold, cold January day . . . the best therapist has fur and four legs. How true . . .

  4. Terry,
    this made me cry, but it was such a beautiful post about Murph! I was the one who posted the “Dogs last will and testament” and you were the very first friend to “like” it, and I just was thinking about you before I posted it and then an hour later I saw you “liked” it… I really am glad it made you think about another dog (eventually)… I went thru the same thing that your family did (and I’m sure you’ve already heard so many stories), but as much as I didn’t want to believe it, I did find that getting another dog and finding a place in my heart for her, was actually a tribute to the love of my dog that I lost. luv & Hugs, Denise xo

      • So glad to hear that! I know it really made me think too, when I read it, Terry. I talked to Patrick the other day and I really hope that you guys are doing better and the pain lessens soon. BIG hugs!! xxoo

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