Ring in the New Year with a Bubbly Bar


Celebrate the New Year in style with a Champagne bar, or Bubbly bar as I like to call it. ¬†My NYE will be a bit “low-key” so we (those 21 and up ūüėČ ) will be sipping Veuve (my fav) straight up, no chaser. ¬†But, if I was going to throw a soire, and I just may in the not so distant future, I will do my own bubbly bar. ¬†Using my bar cart, of course.


No matter what the question, champagne is the answer! <3 >3 <3


INGREDIENTS TO SET OUT: sparkling wine, sparkling water ,fresh berries like raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries, fresh squeezed juice like grapefruit, cranberry, orange, and/or watermelon. lemon twists, sugar cubes and whatever else your heart desires!


Bump Up Your Bubbly




A Guide to Champagne Cocktails


CHEERS!  The Best Bubbly


It’s quite obvious that champagne is synonymous with all things wedding-related. From popping a bottle to celebrate an engagement to sipping a glass with your bridesmaids, there’s never a shortage of reasons to toast during wedding season! To help you find the perfect choice for each of your wedding events, we’ve rounded up some of the best bubbly. Raise those glasses! (www.theglitterguide).

1. Sofia Blanc de Blancs, Francis Ford Coppola Winery ($19)
2. ONEHOPE California Brut Sparkling Wine, ONEHOPE Winery ($18.99)
3. Cuvée Rosé, Laurent-Perrier ($74.99)
4. La Marca Prosecco, Wine-Searcher ($13)
5. Brut Rosé, Mumm Napa ($24)
6. Korbel Natural ($13.99)
7. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label ($54.99)
8. Brut Accolades, Segura Viudas ($10.99)


A Bubbly Bar… again, a fabulous way to ring in the new year!


Making your bar cart, POP!


A New Year bar cart!


Dressing up your ice/champagne bucket!  Found this at blog.buggydesigns.com

Step 1: Collect flowers.
Step 2: Fill Ice Bucket (or 3 liter plastic soda bottle with top cut off) with about 1 inch of water. Place flowers along edges. Freeze for about 4 hours or until first layer is frozen.
Step 3: Fill plastic container with rocks and seal tight (the rocks will weigh down the plastic container so when adding water to ice bucket, the container will not float up!). Place plastic container in center of Ice bucket over first frozen layer. Fill the ice bucket up with water. Add remaining flowers to water. If you would like more layers of flowers, see below tips. Freeze overnight.
Step 4: Take ice bucket out of freezer. Run warm water around outside of bucket to release the ice sculpture. Sometimes the plastic container will come out easily, other times it takes a little bit of warm water added inside the container to loosen to release. Place ice bottle chiller mold on napkin (so it doesn‚Äôt slide around) and serve on silver platter‚Äď actually any platter will do!
Step 5: Be prepared for ooohs and ahhhhs. Chin Chin!!


Champagne ice cubes…but I caution against using champagne from TJ’s, in your glass of Veuve.

Murphy Pic of the Day Рbear with me, as I may still keep feathering in pics of sweet Murph in my upcoming blogs. #lovethemurph #mysweetgirl

murph and charlie

As difficult and painful as this week has been, after the passing of our beloved Murphy, the love and kindness of family and friends has lessened our pain¬†and warmed our hearts. I received this picture the other night from the woman who rescued Murph, and placed her with her/our Pop in 2007. This is Murph and her “companion” Charlie, whom Mary helped nursed both back to health, from near death, due to abuse and neglect. Murphy is on the right…The gal with the fabulous ears. <3 <3 <3

Song of the Day:¬† Same Old Lang Syne, by Dan Fogelberg. ¬†I’ve chosen this before, but I love this song, so I shall choose it again. ¬†#itsmyblog

ca9e934221e748911be1db243b0c5427Have a sparkling new year…and leave a little sparkle, wherever you go! <3


I plan on writing a good one!  Make that a Great one!  Cheers to a great 2015!




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  1. I like this. From Bloody Mary bars to bubbly bars…you’ve cornered the market on celebrating in STYLE. More warm thoughts and love coming your way. Happy New Year DressedtoaT.

  2. Great visuals for champagne cocktails! Never heard of a Black Velvet; methinks I will try soon!! A Great New Year to you, T . . . xoxo

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