Dressing our Christmas Tree


Trimming our Christmas tree can be an ordeal.  In my mind, it’s supposed to be about hot chocolate, cookies, White Christmas playing on TV in the background, all while our family sings christmas carols and happily assembles and decorates the tree.  #notsomuch.  We have a 14-foot, artificial tree, that is Not pre-lit.  Meaning, we have to assemble it and put the lights on before we hang the ornaments and the garland.  One word.  Ordeal.  And, if history is any indication of what this process entails, a good time is Not had by all.

Kevin and I have never argued much, per se…but one of our first arguments as a married couple was putting up a christmas tree.  We had a live tree (actually, since it was chopped down, not sure it’s called “live”, but stay with me here) and we were placing it in the stand and it was my job to hold it up.  Kevin forgot the #1 rule of his wife.  Doesn’t like carrying things that are heavy…or holding up things that are heavy.  As a typical over-achiever in life, one would think I could handle that task.  Again, #notsomuch.  It fell over and that did not go over well.  At all.  One would have thought I backed the Escalade into the gates.  Oh yeah, I did that as well, but I digress.  The tree actually fell over probably 5-6 times that holiday season.  I remember that each and every time I decorate our tree.  Kevin also forgets the #2 and #3 rules of his wife.  Forgets nothing.  Remembers everything.  #bestwifeever #Imasaint

Fast forward to the holiday season, 2014.  We assembled the tree on Saturday.  Took probably 2 hours.  We put the top on (3-foot section), which we keep decorated with ornaments and lights, then put on each row of branches, row by row.  There are 20 rows, after the top 3-foot section. Then we light each section as we go. #efficient.  This year, Patrick had the honor of standing on the ladder.  #kevinnolongergoodonladders #itiswhatitis





This just needs the garland…and some vacuuming!

Sunday, we invited Mary to a tree-decorating party.  Hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and Christmas music playing in the background.  Meredith and I put Bailey’s in our beverage. #shoulddothateveryday.  It was the best tree-trimming ever.  At least in the O’Brien household. Murphy hung with us and it really was delightful.  At least it was for me, and at this point, isn’t that what matters?  Kidding…I do think Mary, Patrick and Meredith would agree.  Hanging Christmas ornaments is not typically on the O’Brien family’s bucket list of fun…but it was this year.  And the finished product…Not so bad. 🙂






Took a village…or at least 4 hard-working elves.  ’twas worth it, because looking at me makes me happy.


Song of the Day:  Christmas Canon, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Chicago Bears… well they are just that…a team that one can hardly Bear to watch.  So sad, but I am still a fan…and still love going to the games!  There’s always next year and I am confident we will make the playoffs for the 2015 season.  It’s all about the Power of Positive Thinking!

Murphy picture of the day…Featuring a girl and her puppy


Enjoy the season.  I have lots of fun holiday-themed blogs in the works!  Yes, quite exciting…and one in regards to “You’ve Got Mail” and raunchy Christmas sweaters.  #cannotwait  #callingyourbluffmrbice




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  1. I remember making a pregnant hormone tree choice one year. The tree lot guy, my husband, and pretty much everyone in between thought ‘that tree’s too big’, but I irrationaly insisted. Imagine how big it must have been because it wouldn’t fit in that exact location! Nevertheless, yours is beautiful and fits perfectly!

    • That sounds like a tree that Kevin wanted… this 14-foot tree, is enormous, and Kevin still thinks, “we really could go bigger”. I don’t think we could ever go smaller, because in that corner (in the house You built), it would be dwarfed. The family room is my favorite room in this house. 🙂

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