Staying Inspired


Life can overwhelming.  The holidays can be overwhelming.  Putting up a 15-foot Christmas tree can be overwhelming.  Thinking I need a blog and the 143 I have in the hopper (yes, 143, crazy, right?) don’t seem to fit the bill, can be overwhelming.  Then, Voila, something pops across my computer.  I’m inspired!


staying inspired


Funny text I received this AM from Cathy:  My act of charity today was smiling at the Green Bay Packers fan at Wal-Mart.  So much to say, but I will let everyone just read my mind.  Sorry Steph… you know how I feel about Green Bay.  Speaking of Green Bay, my father, who was a life-long Bears fan and hated the Packers ( like most Bears fan), owned several Green Bay Packer t-shirts.  I know, what in the world?  That shall remain one of life’s many mysteries.

Short blog.  You are welcome, LAP!

Go Bears!!




This, is Not true… I have bought myself, no presents, this holiday season.  Don’t worry, I’ll live.



Meredith made Murph into an emoji.  Best. Emoji. Ever!!


  1. 15 ft tree, well then I guess you’re the wrong one to complain to about my dead prelit tree. Best wishes and what a workout! That’s one way to work off that Thanksgiving feast! I’m grateful for your friendship and blog!

    • And I am also grateful for your friendship…I used to be grateful for your blog, but haven’t seen a post in a long, long time. What’s up with that, Mrs. Stewart? xo

  2. Indeed one of life’s greatest mysteries!! How in the world did he sleep with those shirts in the house?! That is the #bestemojieever

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