5 Styling Tricks…or Tips, as I see them.


It appears I have dropped the ball with my blog. It was brought to my attention this week, that not only did I miss National Handbag Day (Gasp), but I missed National Shoe Day as well.  Horror of all horrors!  Truth be told, I wasn’t aware there were 2 such national holidays. However, in these days of National Nacho’s Day, National Candy Corn Day and National Chocolate Day…why am I surprised?  So I will make up for this faux pas next week and post about purses and shoes.  Best. Blog. Ever!

So, here are some very, basic Styling “Tricks”…which I shall think more of “tips”.  Found these on Who What Wear, which is chock-full of great styling tips.   I am not a stylist, but am only a blogger.  While I know what I like, and think I know what looks good on others, a degree in Speech Communications/Public Relations and  Journalism, does not a Stylist make. Hence, why I sometimes like to give props to the professionals, but also like to pepper  some of my snappy comments and repartee into my blogs, to “make them my own”.  As quoted in Terms of Endearment, “my greatest strength is I recognize my weakness”.  Trust me, I have lots of weaknesses! 🙂


When it comes to knowing the best way to stock up our closets for just about any occasion, there’s no one we’d rather turn to than celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. We picked their brains on something slightly different: the true insider tricks they’ve learned from years of working with stars like Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, and more.

None of these are actually earth-shattering tricks, but I do think these are some basic rules we can follow.  

Below, find fashion tricks culled from their years of experience! 

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    Expert Styling Tricks

    As you all know, fit is key, and as stylists we learn that even taking up the hem of your pants three-quarters of an inch can add three inches to your silhouette! Know what is flattering and works on your body, and tailor things to those specifications. Get to know the tailor at your local dry cleaner, or better yet, invest in a sewing machine and do it yourself.

    My mother used to say that some women would buy clothes at a lower-end store and have the clothes tailored, which would give the clothes a high-end, designer look.  Poorly fitting clothes can ruin the entire look.  Sometimes it just takes a small tweak to have your clothes fitting properly.  Pants that are too long, drag on teh ground, fray the bottom of your pants and look schlock-y.  Your local dry cleaner can hem those pants, for usually around $8-$11.  Money well spent.  I just took 3 pairs of pants and a pair of Joe Jeans, and had all 4 hemmed, including contrasting thread, for less than $40.  A good tailor can also change the look of an ill-fitting jacket.  The price is more than $8-$11, but the finished look will be Priceless. 🙂


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    Expert Styling Tricks

    While we all read the fashion dos and dont’s, they are all subjective—the most important rule is to have fun and dress for your mood. Things that don’t look good on one person look fantastic on someone else, so wear whatever looks good on you.

    That is my motto, no rules, just wear what you like and what looks good on you.  It shouldn’t necessarily be “fashion” but should be “style”.  



    Style is personal



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    Expert Styling Tricks

    No need to invest in a new wardrobe each season when sunglasses, handbags, and shoes are a great place to try out things like neon or bold ‘60s prints.

    I have been all about accessories, for as long as I had my own money to spend.  A fun watch, a snappy handbag, a funky necklace or chunky bracelet (how about those adjectives?) really can make your look pop.  I was wearing 3 bracelets, when everyone was wearing one.  I remember Stephanie said, “I’m gonna be like Terry O, and wear 3 bracelets together”.  And that’s when the trend started. 🙂  Of course now, more appears to be more and people are wearing 5, 7 and 9 bracelets together!  They call it “stacking”.  I like the look, but not a big fan of jingling when I walk.  Leave the jingling to the bells, not your wrist.  #wordstoliveby.  That being said,  I do love these looks, just want to make sure I don’t jingle!




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    Expert Styling Tricks

    The right bra or undies can transform a dress. Invest in nude and black seamless underpinnings, and do not fear Spanx—they are not always necessary, but sometimes they simply make the outfit look better.

    The only tip I’ve ever known is to Always wear matching underwear.  Always.  #nuffsaid





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    Expert Styling Tricks

    Believe it or not, we usually put clients in shoes a half size too big but filled with a bounty of shoe pads. Your feet swell as you are standing on them throughout the night, and planning ahead with extra room and extra padding is a lifesaver. It’s hard to have fun with throbbing feet!

    When your feet are miserable, you are miserable.  I have spent more money this year on shoe pads, inserts, gels, blister block and other things to make my shoes feel better than I have spent on new shoes.  I am seriously considering going to the Walking Store for “professional fit inserts”.   Ladies, wearing high heels ruins your feet.  And guess what?  I am still wearing high heels.  My friend C is my inspiration.  She has a stress fracture in her foot, yet wore her high heels during the entire wedding reception last weekend, and that included 3 hours of dancing.  I clocked in at 18,800 steps btw.  Of course, I thought I would have been north of 25,000.  #stingyfitbit



    Some good shoe tips from Good Housekeeping


    1. Enough space: there should be 0,9cm to 2,5cm between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the shoe

    2. Square or rounded toe boxes (or open toes); if you have bunions, make sure the toe box is roomy enough.

    3. Sufficient width, gauged by the broadest part of your foot. Minimal slippage at the heel.

    4. Wiggle room: when you stand, you should be able to extend all your toes inside the shoe.

    5. Instant comfort: don’t count on shoes stretching. They might, but you’ll have to put up with them squeezing and irritating your feet in the meantime.


    Song of the Week:  Let’s Go, by the Cars.  Dedicated to the Chicago Bears.  Come on, Let’s Go!!  Scheesh!  How can you hear this song and not dance?  It can’t happen…You need to get up and dance!

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    hello friday 1

    I cannot believe it is already Friday.  Where or where did this week go?  In the past, that’s where.  So, many special birthdays this month.  Happy Birthday today to Shannon!  This month to Lee, D, Susan and my godson, Luke!  And a belated from last week to Colleen, whom we will be celebrating this weekend!

    Favorite memory this week.  I bought a cow at an auction for the Barrington Garden Club.  Super cute, 3-feet long, metal cow.  Can use as a planter, but I plan to use it on the deck to hold chilled bottles of beer or wine.  While I was post-gaming with D, I texted Paddy to ask him to let the Murph out.  His text back.

    Ok.  There’s a cow on the porch.


    Correct.  It’s just a temporary resting spot, till we can bring Clarence (yes, he was already named) back to the deck. Then the sunroom in the winter.  #options

    Ok, big weekend for football.  Round 3 in the playoffs for the Barrington Broncos.  Go Broncos!  And our Chicago Bears go to Lambeau Field (ugh) to play the Packers.  I don’t remember the last time we lost 3 games in a row…and hoping I won’t have to!  Go Bears!





    it it doesn't



    This is why I always pepper in sarcastic ecards. 🙂


    Obviously I won’t be saying this to Mer Mer!


    Darn!  Who knew?!





    Source:  http://www.whowhatwear.com/fashion-lessons-stylist

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