Age-proof your body.

beauty has no age

Beauty has no age…or so they say. 🙂

One of my better traits (to me anyway) has been my ability to get ready in about 25 minutes.  Shower, make-up, blow drying hair, getting dressed.  25 minutes.  Soup to nuts.  Moisturizing my dry legs took longer than applying make-up.  #dryirishskin.  In my own defense, I really haven’t worn much make-up.  If I had a wedding (not my own, as that was an all-day event/extravaganza) or black-tie affair, I’d up that to 30 or 35 minutes.  Tops.  But truly, it really never took me long to get ready.  And yes, I’m aware it probably showed.  I would actually boast about how much time (or lack thereof) it took me to get ready.

Well, my how things have changed.  As of late, and I’d say the past 6 months or so, it’s taking me 40 minutes to get ready. And here’s the kicker… It’s not helping.  40 minutes to look the same I did, when it took 25 minutes to get ready.  And quite frankly, perhaps I look a tad worse.  Sadly, I’m sure it’s because I am not getting younger…but the good news, is neither is anyone else. Except Benjamin Button, and he’s a fictional movie character.  So, I think it’s high time to try to reverse this process, or at least as much as possible.  Plus, I really want to go back to a stream-lined time of 25 minutes to get ready.  #timematters


Oh, and did I mention I just got about 6 inches cut off my hair?  Not sure I’m loving it. It’s kind of sassy.  #whatwasithinking  #whatwassteventhinking.   Steven actually said when he was done with it/me, “the good news is your hair grows super fast”.  Yeah, super.   So, here I am getting older, with short hair (not quite short, but shorter).  6 inches shorter.  Size/length matters. 🙂  Since I got my hair chopped off (ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration here), I have lopped off about 7 minutes from that high of 40-45 mins.  I still want to whittle the time down, though.

Never lie about your age

I may be too late, sadly…But as I always say, no time like the present!  So, I think I need help.  And, let’s start with the aging thing first, please. 😉  I’m thinking this will help my well-being and the youthful, dewy look on my face, will require less time to get ready in the morning.  Again, #hereshoping.

My comments in Pink.

5 Simple Ways to Age-Proof Your Body…from

Despite the fact that the average life expectancy for American men is 77 years, your body begins to lose its fortitude earlier than you might have thought. “You start to lose strength in your twenties,” as Jordan Metzl, a sports doctor in Manhattan, told GQ magazine.

Our early human ancestors only lived until roughly 30, and our bodies haven’t completely evolved to match our modern-day longevity, as GQ explained in a recent article “How to Old-Proof Your Body (While You’re Still Young).” So, you pretty much peak in your 30s, and it’s all downhill from there.

But don’t freak out because if you start now, there are simple (though sometimes strenuous) steps you can take to improve your betting odds against the Grim Reaper. Here are 5 of the best tips GQ has for age-proofing your body. (Their tips were man-centric, but the following can apply to either sex.):   A post that works for both men and women…this is called, “shoring up my male fan base”.  You are welcome, Bruce.  

  1. Cardio prevents memory slippage.

That is according to the authors of a study by the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health, in France. The study found that memory might actually begin to flicker as early as 45, and suggested that heart health equals head health.  Hoping that walking Murph 3 times a day, and exceeding 10,000 steps, daily, counts as cardio. May need to ramp that up a bit.  


  1. Roll out your soon-to-be-creaky joints.

“Every day, grab a foam roller—those long logs in a gym that look like American Gladiators weapons—and roll out every major body part for a minute each.”

I am happy to announce that I just bought a foam roller.  Pink.  18″.  Again, size matters.  I probably need a larger one, but I’m starting with the one I have.  I have gone back to weekly massages, when my schedule/life allows, but I think they are on to something in regards to these foam rollers.  No one likes creaky joints.  No one.  Or bumpy muscles, for goodness sakes!


  1. Stretching throughout the day keeps your hunchback away.

“Think about your daily movements, whether they’re typing or wiping your ass: It’s all about bending forward. … So every few hours at work, toss your hands behind your head and stretch for few minutes; you’ll open your chest and bend yourself back upright.”

Okay, I am totally into Yoga and Pilates…and I do believe I feel much better, when I start my day off by stretching.  But now that I know it can “help aging”, I shall take it more seriously. Stretch early and often. I’m from Chicago, what can I say?


This is me in this yoga poster.   Just kidding.  Her hair is too long.  Mine is shorter. 😉


This is my birthday twin and one of my besties, Kim …who is becoming a yoga instructor.  She’s fabulous!!

  1. Low impact exercise, calcium and vitamin D all help keep you standing tall, literally.

“[Men] lose about half an inch per decade, starting in your forties,” GQ explains. NYU spine doctor Jeffrey Goldstein said this is because of spinal-disk degeneration and bone weakening. “It’ll happen even faster for runners, heavy laborers, and others who stress their spines,” GQ wrote.

Ok, guessing walking Murph falls more under the “low impact exercise” than “cardio”. #knowledgeispower.  I am also a firm believer in vitamins…and my daily regimen includes both calcium and vitamin D…in the gummy bear variety.   


  1. You won’t live to 90 if you’re overweight.

Lew Hollander, the world’s oldest Ironman competitor at 84, told GQ: “There are no fat old people. Show me one. Show me a 90-year-old fat person. They don’t exist! Who’s 90 years old? The little old man—well, he’s not fat, and that’s how he got old.”

Oh boy… Let’s call this a work in progress!  A month of celebrations and festivities did not help…but a good time was had by all!  Life is short.  Have the Stella…and jar of olives.  But stretch. 😉


Song of the Day:  I Love You, by Martina McBride.  From one of  my very favorite movies, Runaway Bride.  That movie has so many great one-liners.  This is my new favorite movie that when I happen upon it on TV, I can’t stop watching!  I just may blog about this movie.  Love, love, love it!

And I’m in so totally
Wrapped up emotionally
Attracted so physically
Actin’ so recklessly
I need you so desperately
Sure as the sky is blue


Live your life and forget your age

Well, these new rules should make for a fun weekend. 🙂  Right.  Actually, it will be a fun weekend… Fun and Frolicking with some of my favorite peeps, starting with champagne at lunch today and Flowers Chardonnay tonight…and that is just Friday…and the Piece de Resistance… the Bears v Dolphins.  This time, it’s personal…I mean the Dolphins ruined my Bears perfect season. 😉  15-1. #SuperBowlShuffle.  Can. Not. Wait!  Are you ready for some football?!  I am!  Bring on the Dolphins…#mahi-mahi for brunch!


Cheers to a great weekend and Go Bears…and Go San Francisco Giants, on their way to the World Series!!  Looks like our schedule is such that we’ll be able to take in a game (or 2).  #Fallbreak.  Last year was SoCal…this year NorCal.  Have great story regarding a playoff game in San Fran, which I’ll share in a future blog.  #blogtoolong #Murphneedstobewalked #cardio



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Thanks Megan, for these ecards!  And yeah, I do think I have cute kids.

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Turn down the drama!



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  1. See, this is what I love about your blog. You give tons of inspiration about we all SHOULD do, and then you always slip in a little inspiration to do what we all WANT to do (champagne for lunch, cheers sweet friend!) Stretching at my desk just now. Must see short hair now. I’m with you on the 30 minute shower to out the door, but the hair benefits when I give it 45. And a smile takes a fraction of a second so there! Go Bears!!

  2. I feel almost famous!!!! So honored to see a shout out in your blog, and a pic to boot, you made my day. Love you T!!

  3. Great blog, great tips . .. as usual . . . all with the famous TOB flair! Enjoy your blog every time. Thanks!

  4. Can I sit on your porch and wait for you to come out so I can follow you around all day? I feel so inspired, I’m going to stretch and stand up straight today!
    I do take issue with one of your “rules” … don’t drink your calories. You need an exception: WINE! xoxoxo

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