Dressing your Fall Planters


While I am not known for my cooking, I am also not known for my gardening skills.  Reminds me of something Kevin once said about me, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before…but it bears repeating. I’m sure he said this in response to a group of men talking about how funny, smart, football-savvy and young I am/was. 😉  He said, “if I could change one thing about her, it would be to instill a love of gardening”.  Yup…with all of my faults, and there is a laundry list, this is the best he can come up with?  Now, that should be a blog…but I digress.  🙂 That being said, while I do not necessarily love or enjoy gardening, I do like to have nice planters in front of my home and thought it would be nice to share some ideas for inspiration.  These fall planters, inspire me…I mean inspire me to find some ready to purchase.  #iamwhoiam

Dressing your fall planters 


This…is my favorite, btw.


I picked this, because I have a brick porch, and think this would look nice.


Looks so easy, even I could pull this off!


Pumpkins and cabage kale…the new black. 😉


One very large Mumm plant…with some colorful leaves.  Looks, doable.


I love throwing a small pumpkin or some gourds into a planter.


I’m clearly leaning towards purple… Team Kourage colors, btw.



Possibly out of my wheelhouse, but I’m certain others could pull this off.


Square planter.  Nice!



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A plethera of cute ideas!


How clever is this?


Mumms and fall leaves.  Easy.


I like the arrangement of stacking the pots and pumpkins on the steps.



Again, possibly out of my wheelhouse (yeah, definitely out of my wheelhouse), but I find it Fabulous!


I like the cascading plants.


Another cute idea.





I like the idea of painting pumpkins white… and the mumms inside the pumpkins…love it!

Martha Stewart Fall Tips:

  • A good rake not only gets the leaves up, but also aerates your soil. Good to know.
  • It’s time to prune boxwoods and shrubs. Use hand shears to shape. “Pruning is so much fun” says Martha.
  • Planting bulbs individually can be time consuming. Instead, dig out your area and apply fertilizer. Place your bulbs in the ground, root down. Make sure they are nicely spaced. Then cover the area with soil.
  • Bring color onto your porch with Fall planters. Add colorful perennials and gourds.


Song of the Day:  Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Meredith and I went to see it last night, at the iPic, complete with wine.  Fabulous night and so happy I was able to be with Mer when she first saw this movie.   Sorry Stephanie, could not join us.  #nexttime

My favorite line from the movie:  “You’re a stylish girl…can’t we handle this stylishly”?  This should apply to all areas of life.


Thought of the week.  Those Matthew McConnaughey Lincoln commercials kinda freak me out.  #strange #notsellinganycars

Have a great weekend.  Go Bears (coming off 2 losses, but looking straight in the eye for a Win)!  And, Hello Blackhawks!! And whatever you do…handle it “stylishly”.









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Said no one ever!


  1. Great inspiration. I am currently waging a battle with the yellow jackets that have nested in one of my front planters, and as soon as that war ends…out with the old planter and in with the new! Lots of ideas here. Wish me luck!

  2. Kale (all shades) is soooo Fall to me. Great pics; good ideas! Re Matthew and the Lincoln commercials . .. agree! He sounds and looks sneaky to me. Open your mouth, buddy!!

  3. Here’s a bit of knowledge to add to your gardening skill set or increase your knowledge; white varieties of pumpkin are available in multiple sizes. Pumpkins in vignette probably naturally white not painted…

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