Tis the season…I’m speaking of Football Season!

5 Sep


Are you ready for some football?!  I most certainly am.  It’s been a long spring and summer.  Bring. It. On.

Clearly…I cannot allow the start of the regular NFL season go by, without a mention of my beloved Bears, or better yet… a blog about it…So, so excited it’s Football Season!   And, as excited as I am for Sunday’s game against the Bill’s, I’m also super excited for my first Dave Matthews Band (DMB for those in “the know”) concert! Truth be told, just a tad more excited about Sunday’s game.  Hence, this blog. Sorry Tracy and Mark…you can take the girl out of Chicago (for a weekend), but you can’t take Chicago, or the Bears, out of the girl.  I’m paying homage to your/our fav band with the song of the week.  #giver

Since this is a “fashion” blog, basically, I thought I’d share some outfits I may, or may not be sporting at games this year. But all appropriately sporting Bears blue and orange!

3cc93f8852849c791189fe0fe58cef4d aaf93a72e8371263e500a45dd9fcb7c8 b8db3da290e2780015da45ea5bc7feb2 1fea4fcd24baa3590bc0cc431105737f 0b47d039a0153b01cab82faff00f359d 2c21a38db61c771f093eaf5b973ea840 492e4040c2c25ef5119a00922d6ac6a9 c6699878a34aaf688eb623e63c6ff785 e9079c7466f0a85eb467a8c98bf1ac74 574154eb5b094a0f7fa7fcd017dc9a2e


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I will NOT be wearing these.


Nor these…but I’d be interested to see a gal try to wear these into Soldier Field, and walk to her seats.



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This has Mer’s name All over it.  The girl loves her maxi dresses.



Disclaimer… none of the handbags shown above can be taken into an NFL game… Remember, there is a ban on large purses.  Or any purse, quite frankly.  Size does matter.




CHICAGO BEARS 2014 SCHEDULE… another disclaimer…our playoff games nor our appearance in the Super Bowl are listed here.  #daydreambeliever.    Will be fun to end with the Vikings game in Minnesota…Kevin’s favorite team, so that will be interesting.  Bruce, get tickets, STAT! 🙂   #bloodymarysatlooncafe

bears schedule

My thoughts on the schedule, since I’m sure you are dying to know.  Why in the World do we only have one game in October…yet 3 in December?  Hello?  This is Chicago.  It’s gonna be around 8 degrees in December.  What happened to every team gets two home games each month?  Oh, and on another football note… Do rent the movie Draft Day… Mer and I watched it twice this week (#savvyrenters) and I’m looking forward to seeing it again!  Love, Love, Love it!

Bears Future Schedules


Song of the Day:  Ants Marching, by the Dave Matthews Band… all for you, Mark Bice! 😉

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny Critical Friend, Beth!


A few of my favorite pics from Bears games…

mer and mom at bears 2

This was on my/our anniversary, Sept. 15, 2007.  Kev must be taking pic.

Bears Field IMG00053

Field passes!  Thanks Bob Donovan!!

Kev, MB and Wayne

Mary Beth, Kev and Wayne.  I believe this was 10 years ago, circa 2004.

DMB…here I come.  @tracylstein Thanks for saving the chard.  #flowerschardplease

Go Bears and Way to Go Seahawks!!  Way to beat the Pack!  Best night ever!! 🙂




Thanks NKO!





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  1. Jen September 5, 2014 at 11:17 am #

    Where is the white lace shirt from?

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