8 Ways to make High Heel Shoes more Comfortable


It seems I just can’t get enough of blogging about shoes.  And, if you just can’t enough of high heels… here are 8 tips for making the glory less painful, found on Bustle (www.bustle.com).  My comments in PINK.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little height for the ability to walk through a room with ease, consider shaving down the heel. For around $15, a shoe repair shop like Steve Express Shoe Repair in New York City can simply cut off a portion of the spike. According to Steve, the owner, the maximum that’s usually removed is “around an inch.” Any more and you would feel the difference in the shoe’s arched construction.  I’m thinking keep those heels high, and only wear then when you are sitting at a bar…not prancing about the streets.  Why buy fabulous high heels, if you are going to shave them down?


Gel insoles solve a lot of heel-wearing problems. For one thing, they can prevent toes from scrunching and thereby prevent blisters. Dr. Scholl’s sells high heel insoles with arch shaping to keep pressure off your foot. If your toes are constantly sliding forward in your shoes, there’s even a cushion designed to hold the ball of your foot in place. The gel inserts stick to your shoe insoles well but are also easy to swap among your shoes. The product’s website advises to replace them every six months, or when they start to tear.  These truly are life savers…or feet savers.  There are also, many other brands, and I’ve tried them all.  I haven’t found one necessarily better than another, but always have a spare in my carry-on, or car, just in case!



You don’t have to be a Next Top Model fan to know that when it comes to walking in heels, Tyra actually does know what she’s talking about. Perhaps that’s why she created this video. A few rules from Tyra: Realize you’re not on a casual stroll in sneakers and that posture is essential to adding flow to your stride. The correct way to walk in heels involves keeping your head and spine straight, as if you’re being pulled up by a string. As you walk, use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step you take. Your paces should look more like a light bounce than like you’re saving yourself from a fall. Since wearing your heels means your feet no longer form a 90 degree angle with your ankles, changing your gait will help you readjust your body’s center of gravity and find balance. You still won’t feel like you’re walking on clouds, but this method will at least make heels feel more bearable.

I’m including the video of how Tyra tells you to change how you walk, in case you want to do this.  I’m always concerned to make sure I don’t fall, so not sure I can change how I walk, but you may have better luck. 🙂



On its website, Leather Spa, a popular shoe repair shop in the heart of Manhattan, recommends not wearing heels more than two days in a row, with at least a day’s break in between. If you want to keep walking four inches off the ground, you’ve got to give your feet time to recover in between.  Another trick is to change shoes throughout the day, if you have the luxury in which to do so.  Many women I know keep different pairs of shoes under their desk (matching, of course), to give their feet different breaks throughout the day.  



Have you ever noticed how frustrating it is to deal with your feet slipping out of your heels the minute they leave the ground? Even worse, loose shoes often make you drag your feet in an attempt to prevent them from falling out. Heels with straps, ties, or buckles over the ankle or feet offer a solution. Go for adjustable straps to accommodate swelling.  I have thick ankles, but they’re weak…not sure how that happened, so I do like loosening up my straps, but not too loose, because it can cause me to fall.  #clumsy

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Also known as “second skin,” moleskin is not actually animal hide (fortunately) but soft cotton flannel with adhesive backing. Sold in sheets and available in most drug stores and online, you can cut and customize the shape of moleskin to cover any trouble spots you have on your feet. It molds to the shape of your feet better than a bandage, and unlike a bandage, it won’t hang off your Achilles after half a day of walking.

My friend Laura, sent me this note, after she gave me a pair of Dr. Scholl’s ballet flats, because she knows I always wear high heels…and suffer afterwards: “My new thing is moleskin as a PREVENTIVE measure and NOT after the bloody stumps have begun crying.  My mom’s feet grew a size with each baby and now wears a TWELVE.  Not much to choose from in fashion footwear for her.  I will probably NEVER give up sexy shoes.  Except for my cowboy boots, circa 1978…  something about the attitude walk they create. “



Model Molly Sims recommends going half a size up when shopping for heels, and Franklin Polun, a Potomac, Md.-based podiatrist, advises going shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are swollen from activity. A little wiggle room can mean much more comfort.

When it comes to the too-tight heels you already own, you have a couple of options. You can either take them to a cobbler to have them stretched, or you can also invest in a shoe stretcher for heels (Footsmart sells them for $25 each), which also cuts down the time it take to break heels in when they’re brand new.

Another trick is to put on thick socks, put on your shoes, and use a blow dryer on the tight areas.  I have used this trick, and it works!



It’s amazing how much the shape of your shoe impacts the comfort. For instance, platforms (this kind, not the ones Elton John wore in the 70s) cut down the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet. That means they’re not as taxing on your arch, which is especially good when you’re towering on at least three inches. A rounder toe box is also worlds more comfortable and better for your feet, because it allows your toes to lay flat. However, pointy toes are doable as long as the point stretches out instead of stopping right where your toes would rest.

The square-toed shoe is most comfortable, but not always in style… give your feet a break if you choose to wear pointy toed shoes, because, while they’re super cute, your feet are squished in them. 




More Shoe Tips

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The higher the heels, the closer you are to God. 🙂

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Source:  http://www.bustle.com/articles/17355-8-ways-to-make-high-heel-shoes-comfortable


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