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I love shoes, but what girl doesn’t?  Plus, I know many men (Patrick!) who share this same love…and quite frankly, many men who should probably pay more attention to what’s on their feet. 🙂  But today’s blog is about women’s shoes, and I will promise there will be one for men in the not too distant future.  #alwaysthinkingofothers

And I’m well aware that some may say that “summer is half over”, why blog about summer shoes now?  Well, I think we still have almost a month left of summer, (power of positive thinking) or if we were to split hairs, almost 2 months, as the end of summer happens to coincide with my birthday, September 21st, and there is plenty of time to wear these cute summer shoes!

An Etcetera consultant, and blogger (not this Etcetera consultant and blogger), penned a fabulous blog about spring  shoes, which I’d like to share, because it applies to summer shoes as well.  I do have to say, some of these shoes are a bit “out there”… and even I, a gal who loves style and fashion, would be hard pressed to wear these.  But, I do find some of these styles interesting… Plus, I’ve put pics of shoes I like at the end of the blog.  #DressedtoaT. 🙂  My comments in her “blog” are not in italics, and are in Pink.

If there’s ever  a way to put a spring in my step, it’s going shopping for a new pair of shoes….or two ….or three.   So let’s get down to the heart and “sole” of the matter and examine 6 of the styles that dominated the runways of New York, London, Paris, and Milan for Spring/Summer 2014!

1)       The Single Sole Pump-   The average pump has been tweaked for the season with the addition of the skinny ankle strap.  By “pumping” it up with the strap, the shoe has more sex appeal and adds a subtle edge to office attire, then becomes totally sexy for date night or an evening out dancing! Think strappy!  Beware if you have thick ankles, because the strap can emphasize them.  


2)      Shear-Plastic-See Through–    This shoe is cutting edge, futuristic, and plain cool….figuratively and LITERALLY!  With almost the entire foot revealed, this shoe can let you feel the breeze on a hot Spring afternoon. Look for unexpected cutouts, clear plastic, and netted mesh.   I can’t imagine wearing shoes like this.  I like to hide my feet, not show them through plastic.  Though these are not totally plastic, and I, perhaps, could envision these on my feet.  


3)      Summer Booties  -The bootie has been with us for several seasons now and this Spring is no exception.  While we have been wearing a semi-chunky version,  this Spring, the bootie goes a “step above” with exposed heels, peep toes, or a host of cutouts.  Pair them with a sundress, shorts, and of course, a slim leg pant.  I’m a big fan of the bootie.  Plus, I like to pair my booties with leggings.  Not to be confused with shaking my bootie! 🙂

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4)      Mules- While this look harkens back to another decade, this  Spring, the mule is chic and redefined.  This style can work by day with a casual dress or shorts, with a suit if the mule is sleeker in design, and always a great choice with jeans.  I am a big fan of the mule!  To wear on my feet, not to ride.  

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5 ) Athletically Challenged–  For those who like to think “outside the shoe-box, ” try out a CHIC SNEAK…ER!   They were commanding the Spring runways in the form of a Ked with a platform to a plastic coated running shoe to the most radical…what I am calling a “ Birkenstock meets a bright-colored sandal”….As I said,  a bit radical, but some fashionistas can pull off the look. Never in a million years would I ever, ever, ever…I mean, really?


5)      Pointed Flat-   They were hot in the 50’s and 60’s, brought back in the 80’s, and sprinkled into the fashion mix of late.  But this Spring, the “pointy flat” is flat out HOT!  While it’s not exactly the most comfortable shoe, the pointy flat gives an outfit flair and sophistication that you can’t always get with a “rounded toe” flat.  The pointy flat also can elongate the leg….something that a rounded toe flat does not do.  Worn with all white, this shoe makes a statement and can be found with tons of embellishments….from polka dots to stripes, to bows and beads.  Don’t be afraid to make it a dress shoe with a fancier outfit.  Love me some pointed flats.  But beware, they can tend to squish your toes!  So just don’t wear them all day.  

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With so many styles, there is bound to be one…..or two…..or three pairs that are right for you.  If the  shoe fits, BUY IT!


7 Summer Shoe Trends – These may be more your style.  Though, speaking for myself, not a fan of Birkenstocks (which truly are all the rage this summer, but not for me) or clogs.  But, as I like to say, to each his/her own.





Summer Shoes I love… And yes, it’s going to be hard to hide my feet, while wearing some of these, but hoping these shoes will razzle dazzle, hence, distracting people from glancing at my feet.  #hammertoes  #iwillneverstopwearinghighheels


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Shoe Eye Candy… I mean, Who doesn’t like looking at fabulous shoes?  I’d ask for a show of hands, but I wouldn’t see any!



To beautiful shoes…there’s always room for more!

How about a shout out to National Lipstick Day, which happened to coincide with Kevin’s birthday.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I believe it’s Karma’s way of making Kevin’s birthday, somehow about me as well! 🙂



Happy, Happy Birthday Kev!



Song of the Day:  Invisible Touch, by Genesis… Kevin’s favorite song.  #bestwifeever

My favorite line of the week:  This Fitbit is a bit stingy on the steps!  You are so right, Tracy!


Peace, love and fun in the sun!















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