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I think we need more pictures of fashion… I can tell people have had enough of happiness, me dancing on bars (well, truly how can That get old), My favorite things, let alone a blog rebuttal on that, so we are going back to fashion, since this is DRESSEDTOAT…

Ok, what, exactly is this “street style” that I keep seeing and hearing about?  When I see pictures of so-called “street style”, it looks like something I’d be styling, when I’m feeling “edgy”.    But many of the shoes featured, should not be worn out and about walking on the streets.  Especially these cobblestone streets.  You are just asking for trouble!

According to  Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged from the grassroots. It is generally associated with the youth in urban areas. It is often characterized by brightly coloured clothes and hair with crepe shoes and heavy makeup.

But in googling and checking it out on Pinterest, it appears that Street Style is just people out and about, looking stylish.  Not models, not actresses, no photo shoot…but real people, “on the streets”.  Hence, “Street Style”.

Here are some of my favorite Street Style looks

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And More…not necessarily “street style”, as some of these do look rather “posed and professional”…but great looks, nonetheless!

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Great summer night with my Besties, celebrating Meghan’s last night at TK, before she’s off to Australia for a year…and put a little shrimp on the barbie!  Like she’s never heard That before!  #trueoriginal


Song of the Day!  Viva la Vida, by Coldplay!  Mine and Carolyn’s fav!!

A few comments from the week:

1.   Why would anyone wait in line for an elevator for 20 minutes to go the 2nd floor!  SMH

2.  A night with friends, as I’ve said before, is truly the best medicine.

3.  Mosquitos in Chicago this summer have been the size of small birds.

4.  I’m getting many requests to do a blog on my UNFAVORITE things.  And I’m going to do just that.  As my friend “C” said this week, after telling me how she got a speeding ticket, and I retorted, “well, at least you weren’t drunk”…and she said, “Leave it to you to always put a positive spin on things”.  Then gave me some suggestions about a Unfavorite things blog…And yes, I do get it that perkiness and happiness can be exhausting. How do you think I feel?

5.  I did my first Fireball shot this week.  With Kristy.  Not sure what all the fuss is about, but I do have to say, some shenanigans followed suit.  What happens at TK’s…stays at TK’s…   Or in Carolyn’s purse!  🙂

6.  And yes, I’m aware my blog is posted late today.  Sometimes life gets in the way of my blog schedule…And, again, just because I have 98 blogs “in the hopper”, does not a published blog make.  But, thank you for noticing, and looking for it.  Truly, tickles my fancy.

Someone sent this to me, this week… Again, tickled my fancy!  #mademyday  I’m going to pay this forward, btw…to those whom I find “super fabulous”… check your inboxes, FB pages, texts, etc…

super fabulous

Getting ready for KevinPalooza…and Donna and Bruce’s wedding.  Upcoming Best. Week. Ever.





be fancy



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