Blog Rebuttal…to Girl’s in White Dresses…my 6th Blog of My Favorite Things



Well… so, perhaps I didn’t give as much thought to last week’s blog, Girl’s in white dresses with blue satin sashes…as I should have.  I’ve had to address a few challenges regarding that blog, which I shall choose to do in a “public forum”.  When I get more than one  or two “challenges” on a blog, I’ve determined that it’s best to do a rebuttal.   #alwaysaimingtoplease

1.  Tracy is your “solesister”?  I am your “soulsister”, as we are actually related.  😉   (Megan)

Yes, Megan, you and I are actually related, as we are actual sisters.  I love you, btw.  Tracy and I happened to wear the same pair of sandals, to Ravinia, the same night, but in different colors…hence, we are SOLEsisters.  Get it?

terry and megan at madonna

Me and my SOULsister


Me and my SOLEsister

2.  Speaking of SOLEsisters…“How did “our” Jack Rogers sandals not make this list? I demand a recount!” (Tracy).

Correct, Tracy, aka, my “solesister”, our Jack Roger sandals are super cute, however the picture of our feet sporting them, isn’t as lovely as I like to share on my blog, so I neglected to include them as part of my Favorite Things… And quite frankly, not sure yours are pedicured in the manner in which your many, many fans have become accustomed, should I have chosen to include our picture.  Because you used a very hip and trendy (which I am neither) Instagram filter, this pic is in black and white, so you can’t tell the color of my sandals.  The sandals are actually Black (Tracy) and yellow…think sunflower yellow (Terry).  #solesisters.  To further my point, my feet are sporting the yellow sandals with the french pedicure.  Tracy is wearing black sandals, and perhaps due to her ‘quite active social life’, she didn’t have the chance to visit the spa to have her toenails painted.  Tracy is much more busy (and popular) than I.  But I still love her!  #notjealous #stepstool

# 14 Favorite Thing.  Jack Rogers Sandals

10488977_10152574264486532_1037278893_n (1)


3.  Hey!  I got you those Govina glasses for Christmas (Cinda)

Correct, Cinda, you did.  I was doubly blessed last holiday season with 2 sets of these Govina glasses.  I now have 2 sets, 8 glasses.  I stand corrected.  Best. Gift. Ever.  Cinda and Tracy rock as friends!  Hopefully next year, they will both add to my Tiffany diamonds by the yard collection.  #thatwouldbefabulous.




So, there, I, and my previous blog stand corrected.  🙂



Closure is good for the heart. 🙂

I think I need a Song of the Day!  Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind!

And a very Happy Birthday Steven!! xoxo

Peace out!




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