Clearly you’re not speaking to me?

da6e205ba25d711d013752d7b94d78f2While enjoying an afternoon of fun and frolicking with Meredith and Zack this weekend, Mer happened upon a friend from school.  While exchanging general pleasantries,  she introduced Zack (re-introduced, actually) and me to her friend…let’s call him “Derek”, and “Derek” said to me,

‘The last time I saw you, you were dancing ON a bar”.  

OMG!  I never thought I’d ever hear those words, in regards to me…especially from a college student (or someone who just graduated from college).

I quickly retorted, “Hmmm… I don’t think so, unless of course you have a video to back up your story”.   Ha Ha Ha!

He smiled and said , “Yeah, I think there’s one floating around out there”.

Ouch… my goodness.  Clearly, what happens on a “girl goes back to college trip”  at Indiana University does NOT stay in Bloomington, IN.

And yes, I’ve seen the alleged “video”.  Not sure who that girl is, but all I can say is, she’s fabulous…and a great dancer! 😉

she danced all night  As I say, why walk, if you can dance!  Go big or go home…and thankfully, go home, I did the following day. 😉



Song of the Day:   King of Wishful Thinking, by Go West.


Last full week of work (well 3 days of work), before a summer of fun in the sun!


Coming Friday:   Packing your beach bag!

Peace, Love and Fun in the Sun!





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