Guy Posts “Yoga Mat For Sale’ Ad on Craigslist…Funniest thing I’ve read since David Thorne!


First of all, this is significant and timely, as I just sold my first item this week on Craigslist.  A red Weber charcoal grill…circa 1994.  When the 2 young men came to pick it up, I said, “well, you don’t look like ax murderers, so it looks like I just sold this grill”.  #imcharming  #andfunny

Second of all, this “ad”/joke makes me snort.  Nothing better than something funny that makes you snort.  I shared this on my Dressed to a T Group page on Facebook, and realized that many others love this as well, so decided, “let’s blog it”, so even those who aren’t fans of my facebook page (and why aren’t they/you), can also enjoy it!  Thanks Carol for sharing this.


I laugh harder each time I read this…”My future ex-wife”.  Hope you laughed as much as I.  Laughter…the best medicine.  Thank you to those of you who provide laughter and joy in my day.  You know who you are and I thank you for that. 😉
Song of the Day:  Girls Chase Boys, by Ingrid Michaelson.  My new song, that I’m obsessed with.  Catchy tune!
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