Meredith is home, for good…or at least until she gets tired of us…hopefully that will be for a couple of years, or Never.  🙂  So, we can say. so long to Going back to College, Graduation and the Dunn Hunnies (at least for today)…and we can now focus on Patrick and Prom and Promposals.

This last weekend was Prom, and while I’m a big fan of Prom, I am not a big fan of the shenanigans that go on in regards to asking a date to Prom.  I’m speaking of the Promposal…when high schoolers ask each other to prom with the level of pomp and circumstance that rivals an actual engagement. Long gone are the days, when all you had to say is , “Meredith, would you like to go to Prom with me”.  Now, it has to be combined with some type of shenanigans.  You can’t just ask the question, there has to be ballyhoo, malarkey and some type of Over the Top “Promposal” in which one needs to out-do and one-up the next guy.  It’s all about the competition.  Not sure what this is teaching our youth… Not only does one need to come up with something spectacular to ask someone to Prom, but this also applies to Homecoming and Turnabout… This can only lead to even more Over the Top Shenanigans  in marriage proposals (and heaven forbid a bachelor or bachelorette party is held at a local bar…It’s Vegas baby) as well as announcing when you are having a baby…and the gender reveal, for crying out loud!

What’s wrong with dialing it back, and concentrating on the actual event… like the actual Prom, the Wedding, the festivities, the birth of the baby (in no way related to this post about Prom)… and not having to start with hitting it out of the ballpark (pun intended, with some proposals done at sports stadiums…Ronnie!  But that was at Soldier Field and a Bears game, so well done, Jon).  When Prom can cost in excess of $1500 for the couple (the Tux rental was $225…what in the world?!), weddings over $50K…wouldn’t it be nice to have the expectations be high for the event and not the asking or announcing?  Just a thought…

My friend Mark’s son, Alexander, spelled out PROM, in the school fence with Red Solo cups…he was stopped by the local police, and when Alex told them what he was going, they said, “let us know how it goes, and please clean it up”… Alex received a YES, from his now Prom date…and cleaned up the red solo cups, but not before leaving a big Smiley Face :), made from Solo Cups,  in the fence, to let the local good guys, know the positive outcome.  I don’t have a picture of that Promposal, but found one silimar.  🙂

McKenna's Prom 2012 001

Over-the-top Promposals have become even more frequent in the age of social media. Because what’s the point of asking someone out if you can’t post pictures of it?  And speaking of posting pictures of it:


Patrick and Becca… he asked her with four cupcakes (quite fancy cupcakes, btw) with PROM spelled one letter on each…and a dozen roses.  Not over the top, though he wanted to rent a Sky-writer, yes an airplane sky-writer to fly over her house and spell out “Becca, Please go to Prom with Me.  Patrick. ” He found out it cost $1300.  He said he would have done it if it was $100.  So Becca is worth $100, not $1300.  Take no offense, Becca.  Patrick loves to save money.

PROMPOSALS – some that aren’t over the top, and are simple and sweet.  That being said, the boy, in most cases, still has to come up with something clever…and we know boys (and men)…aren’t always clever. 😉

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Patrick’s Prom…and a few pictures



Patrick Prom 022




Patrick and Becca!  So, so cute!!

Patrick Prom 027


The “magic carpet” is so the girl’s heels do not sink into the grass.  #savvyChrissie


mer paddy prom


Paddy and Mer Mer

three amigos prom


Mer and I both wore wedges, anticipating sinking heels… but alas, ’twas not going to be a problem.



Blake, and his dad, Dave.  Such handsome men.    Sorry Connie, you don’t make this blog. 🙁

Patrick Prom 042



10325642_10150521771334945_5123864445115087352_n (1)







10398096_10150521771594945_87598475368887050_n 10401912_10150521773219945_3241951699935800617_n

and away they go

And off they went!

The parents and family members, gathered to enjoy libations and dinner, compliments of hostess-extraordinaire and host of the pictures, Chrissie and Rey!  Awesome time!!  It was a perfect weekend, while it snowed on Friday (yes, it Snowed in May), it was 60 and sunny by Saturday afternoon for pictures, and sunny and 60+ for Sunday’s post-Prom, in downtown Chicago and Oak Street Beach…though thinking not much swimming was going on.  #savvyteens

In related Prom news… it appears Jessica McClintock has stopped selling dresses… Jessica McClintock Synonymous with Prom and Bridesmaids dresses (and the cologne that I wore for probably 10 years, including the cologne I wore on my wedding day)…Not sure where the girls are going now, but after surveying our group, and many girls got the dresses at boutiques on  spring break, Etsy, and Peaches Boutique, there does appear to be options.  #timemarcheson

So a great time was had by all…although Patrick came home With his pocket square, which is tradition to give to the Girl…and Without a garter, traditionally given to the boy.  Hmmm…

2 girls one prom

Two girls…one Prom.  Oh Boy….hoping this is in No way related to missing a garter. I am assured, it is not. 🙂






This, is very, very true. 🙂

come down from the clouds

Again, this is also true!


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  1. Once again, great blog . . . and nice to see Patrick didn’t fall for all that expensive fal-da-rah that seems to be all the craze. Agree wholeheatedly that we spend too much time, money, and effort on being bigger (and better?) rather than being simple and heartfelt. Kids aren’t made of money and neither are the parents . . . less is more. There’s a reason we always come back to that phrase (unless you’re the Kardashian’s I guess!) NOW . . . as to the pocket square and garter . . . just because he still has one and not the other doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good time (just sayin’) . . . xoxo

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