And just like that…I have a college graduate!



And just like that, my little girl has graduated from college.  Again, where has the time gone?  It seemed like just yesterday she was born…

When Meredith first went away to college, and was coming home after freshman year for the summer, I posted something on Facebook about her coming home, and how fast the year went.  My friend Julie commented, “And just like that, freshman year is over”…and just like that… became my theme for the end of each of Meredith’s college years…hence, the theme of these last 2 blogs.  Thanks Julie, for the inspiration!

I must post one last picture of Meredith, as a child.  One of my very favorites, albeit not the best in clarity, because I had to take a snap shot of it from the book I made her when she turned 18, so unable to scan it.  Oh well…I love this picture, anyway.


I cannot tell you how tickled I was, on Friday by 9AM when I received no less than 7 inquiries as to “where’s the blog”?  “Are you trapped under something heavy, where’s the  Meredith college blog” (my line, btw). “Stop crying about Meredith graduating, and post your blog”.   I still find it fascinating that people actually read this blog, let alone wait for it on Friday.  Truly, makes/made my day.  What also made my day, were the comments on Friday’s blog,  And just like that, a girl graduates from college

Best. Tribute. Ever. You two and your whole family are blessed to have each other. Meredith is the kind of person that is a pleasure to be around, pretty, witty, and bright. Sweet as a peach. God bless you Meredith on your graduation weekend and beyond!  Carol

Great shots but especially like the ‘stupid/silly’ pics . . . so natural and FUN!! Excited for all of you and thrilled that Mer has a job already?? Hot diggity dog!! That’s terrific!! xoxo  LAP

Your infectious love and generosity runneth over and everyone is reaping the rewards!! Meredith will rock the post-college life for sure! Can’t wait to see pictures from the weekend!  Leslie

What a great tribute to Mer’s graduation! You all are so cute together.Congratulations!  Mickey 

Ok so now I am crying!!  Have a wonderful weekend. Congrats to Meredith (and her amazing family)  Connie

A little trip down memory lane from her Graduation weekend.

mer in cap

Hmmm…something tells me someone may not be excited about graduating! #willworkfor50years

dinner at ruth's chris




Fun dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Indianapolis, our favorite…They have the best chicken ever, btw.  And it’s served, super hot…Sizzling, if you will. Kevin trashed his J. Hilburn sweater, so I cropped that out.  #savvyblogger #messyhubby


The Dunn Hunnies!  Love, love, love these girls!  I mean, love, love, love these young women!


Meredith Graduation 004 Meredith Graduation 008

The arrival of the graduates…Pomp and Circumstance…literally turns me into a crying mess, much to the amusement of Kevin and Paddy.

Meredith Graduation 011

Yes, Mer and Zack are in this shot.  Just don’t ask me to point them out.



Mer and Zack taking a selfie.  They’re in this shot as well.  🙂


Congratulations Graduates!

Mer at graduation

The light in the background makes her look angelic! She is an angel, btw.

Meredith Graduation 012

Mer and Zack!


Kev, Mer and Paddy


Dad and daughter


Ter and Mer


Dropped my phone, and all pics are fuzzy.  #amateurmove


Because I never learn, and got an immediate blister from my Kate Spade slingbacks, I had to change into flip-flops…hence the overly cropped photo… Not a good look for pictures, hindsight being 20/20.   The only photo of the four of us, with Mer in cap and gown.  Thank you Nora for taking this picture!


Zack and his family, at least 4 out of the 11. 🙂


I love this shot.  Photo Credit:  Nora R. 🙂



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Dunn Hunnies out and about campus!  Thanks to Zack, the very patient photog!


Actually, the graduation ceremony was lovely.  The commencement speaker, Michael D. Higgins, the President of Ireland, was uninspiring.  The student speaker, Parker Mantell, however, totally rocked.  The young man stutters, but his message far overshadowed his speaking disability.  Doubt as has been observed kills more dreams than failure ever will.  Yet if doubt were a disease, its cure would be confidence. Such an inspiring young man!



The Dunn Hunnies getting ready to party with the parents!





Family photo at the Dunn House.  Happily I lost the sweater and switched to the matching jacket.  #options

Meredith Graduation 022

Cheers to the graduates…from the back!

Meredith Graduation 025 Meredith Graduation 026

And Cheers from the front!  I love that Robyn’s dad’s hand is in this shot, and decided not to crop it out. 🙂

Meredith Graduation Family Pic

Another family photo… Uncropped because I decided to suffer through a few pics back at the house with my heels on.




Patrick…strongly considering Indiana for college.  This, of course, after USC.  #Beachhouse!

01aba2216ceb1310993d27c9bbc3042da597035680 01472fac6b3be506d2d3a0fe1043a1517cdb7dd789

40+ people in the Dunn house…perhaps a bit crowded, so we were overflowing into the park across the street, with built-in seating!



mer and dunn gals






Oh, and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!  I am in love with my new Tory Burch backpack…Who knew Kevin read my blog? Pretty sure he doesn’t, but our daughter does! 🙂  Also, after 3 previous trips to Indy in the past 10 weeks, I realized that my habit of singing in the car (Loudly) to my favorite playlists on my iPhone, may not be the way to go with Kevin and Patrick in the car.  #whoknew?  And the icing on the cupcake to make this one of my best Mother’s Day’s ever…was this Facebook post, with this picture from Meredith:

Happy Mother’s Day mama  
Thank you for celebrating my college graduation with me yesterday! And thank you for being so loving, caring, selfless and supportive throughout my 4 years here at IU. I can’t wait to come home later this week and celebrate YOU!!!
You are the best mom, friend and role model that a girl could ask for! I will enjoy one of these Bloody Terry’s in honor of you today 


Can I tell you how much I love this girl?  I know there is a fine line between pride and boasting…and I never want to boast, but am so proud of Meredith, and the woman she has become.  And because she has a job, 30 minutes from home, it means she gets to move back in with us, at least for now. Or forever, if I get my way…and I usually get my way.  🙂  Best. Summer. Ever!

Song of the Day: Change the World, by Eric Clapton


And this is the part where you find out who you are… Meredith, Zack and Dunn Hunnies…go and find out who you are!  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined!  – David Thoreau

I am so proud of all of you…and so happy and pleased that Meredith has all of you in her life and you are all in mine as well.  Love you all! #TeamTerry

And coming Friday, we shall turn the blog towards Patrick…and PROM!  I have a few thoughts on Prom, as well.  Looking forward to sharing. 😉



meredith graduation Inslee 2

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20 years





  1. Very touching, this will be me in two years, though with a son so there may be a couple slight differences! Your relationship is very special. Tell us more about these Dunn Honies, is this a sorority or just a house of good friends? Looks like a wonderful group. Good luck to both of you as you move into this next stage of joy.

  2. Great pics and much pride .. . that’s a good thing! Now . . . can’t wait to see Prom pics of ‘our’ Paddy!!

  3. LOVE your two posts about Mer’s graduation. So very different college experience than mine with my son. Oh well…..God knew what he was doing giving me a boy since I am crying reading your words for a girl/now woman I barely know 🙂

    Congrats Mer!

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