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I am all about accessories…Earrings, necklace, bracelet(s), sunglasses, scarves, handbags, bling, bling, pinky ring (not really).  I do love accessories, plus they always fit, regardless of how many jelly beans you’ve consumed (I don’t even like sweets) or Stella’s you’ve drunk, or how many bars you’ve danced on…but I digress.  I love accessories and there are some fun trends for spring 2014. Plus, Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday…so for those of you looking to buy Mother’s Day gifts, there are some Great ideas here!  I’ve put an asterisk, or 3 (***) next to good Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Yes, Mer Mer, you may take note.

The HOT Accessories for Spring 2014…at least according to Bloomingdale’s.  


Gladiator Sandal – you either like these, or you don’t… the ones that strap up the entire leg, freak me out a bit…not to mention those tan lines!

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Out of these 4 pairs of Gladiator sandals, the ones above, are my favorite.

Pink – Hip, Hip, Hooray! And on Wednesday’s (and any other day we wish)…We Wear Pink!



Pink, Giant Check, Burberry Plaid Scarf. $395 ***




Kate Spade – Tickled Pink Watch…Yes, this has been featured before, and no doubt will be featured again!  I’m tickled pink by it.


This Michael Kors Hamilton bag, in Pink, is some kind of fabulous! ***



Pink Hunter rain boots!  You can look cute, even in the rain!

Crossbody Bag – I live with my Tory Burch, Amanda, crossbody bag.  Keeps your arms free, for doing, who knows what!  Any of these crossbody bags would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift! ***




Super cute crossbody in a sunny yellow color.  Would add a pop of color to any outfit!

White – White is the New Black…and yes, you can wear it before Memorial Day!  Sorry, Kathy P. 😉


Tory Burch Wallet – ***


Fancy Baubles…yet have No idea where you can buy them, but if found, these would be a great MD gift! ***


Love this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch! ***

729aa6f078a16c2a24c6f5ed04e00ad8All in all, not a fan of white sunglasses, but these just happen to tickle my fancy!


White enamel bangles.  Love.***

Luxe accessories – who doesn’t like luxurious accessories?  I mean, no one.

prada bag


Prada bag…doesn’t get better than this!


A lovely gift for George Clooney to give his bride to be.



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Luxe accessories, do not have to “break the bank”, if you will…just give the impression you are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!  Most of these are not the real deal…but look Luxe!  You can wear your bling anytime of the day, btw.

fabulous called

While this applies to many of my friends, my friend Deb Z, gets the nod, since she posted this on my FB wall, and said she thought of me.  Gotta love that gal! xo

Flatbed Sandals – strange name, but I take it these are sandals, without heels.  Like a flatbed truck, or Birkenstock’s…I have to say, not a fan…but here are some, anyway.  These remind me of post-surgery shoes…I am Not recommending these for a MD gift.

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I think I’ve shown just about enough of these gems…While they are not for me, these may tickle your fancy, so be my guest.


Blue – I’m using my own interpretation of “blue” to mean, Tiffany-blue.  But all shades of blue are “in the now”.


Tiffany journal.  Also great for a graduation gift.  $175 ***


Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat.  $225. ***



Miu Miu Spring 2014 – Any handbag in this color would be a great addition to your collection!

Metallic Accessories – Jewelry and sunglasses in gold, silveer and rose gold.

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I am Obsessed with this bracelet.  Obsessed…Found it on Pinterest.  Said it was Elie Saab, but no can find.  ***



This is a necklace, but looks like it could be a bracelet.  Fancy!


Love this necklace…may wear something like this with the red dress I’m wearing to Mer’s graduation.

f80d4fdafcd1f74da60fc7ae46ab3164The more the merrier!


Kate Spade knotted bracelet…


The Backpack – you can never go wrong with a backpack…unless you carry your Kate Spade backpack, into Soldier Field for a Bears game  and it doesn’t meet the size criteria.  Size matters.



Tory Burch Nautical Striped Back Pack *** Can use this summer for boating with the Mayor!


I love this distressed backpack…Very Bridges of Madison County.  Could also hold the many drafts of my screenplay.  Names will be changed, to protect the innocent.  Yes, you should be nervous. 😉



Some more accessories, that didn’t happen to make Bloomie’s list

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Two things this week that tickled my fancy and funny bone, funny enough, both via my 2 children.  Guessing where they term, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, comes from.

Numero Uno:  

Patrick:  Do you think Murphy should be a Paw model?

Well, they are lovely paws.


Murphy Sept 2012


Dos Funny:  Meredith protesting George Clooney’s engagement…and rallying around her Mom…her married Mom, who happens to be married to her father, yet, nonetheless, realizing that perhaps George Clooney is marrying the incorrect gal!




Song of the Week.I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls. How can you not wanna dance when you hear this?!


Coming up next week:  MANic Monday, with some more Mother’s Day gift ideas feathered in for good measure!  Plus, a Girl Graduates from College…and it all started with this blog, “What does a girl pack for college”, back in August 2010.  And just like that, four years passed by…  OMG.  How in the world did That happen?!  Yikes!

What does a girl pack for college?


On a happy note, I’ve finally recovered from playing the role of a college student…but still missing Mer and her/my Dunn Hunnies, but so excited to see them all next week at #Graduation! #TheGangReunites #TeamTerry

Have a great weekend! 🙂








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