You can take a girl out of college…

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You can take a girl out of college…But you can’t take the college out of the girl!  I enjoyed 3 fun-filled days at Indiana University this week, playing the role of a college student, with Meredith and her friends.  Best.Time.Ever.  And yes, I say that all the time, and I always mean it, but truly…Best.Time.Ever.



I’m going to get this out of the way first.  I danced on a bar.  Such a cliche.  Not in a bar (but I did that as well) but on top of a bar.  And yes, there is a video of it (horror of all horrors), and no, I will not include it.  Thankfully, this was early in the evening, and not alcohol-induced.  😉  Just a momentary lapse in good judgment.  I was in good company, with Meredith and the Dunn Hunnies.  They truly wanted to make it an evening to remember.  And, shockingly enough, I did not fall off the bar, which hindsight being 20/20, dancing on a bar is never a good idea.  The good news is you are Never too old to dance on a bar!  But just because you are not too old to dance on a bar, doesn’t always mean you should dance on a bar.  Note to self.  You are never too old to keep learning, btw.


Thank you to Meredith, Zack, the Dunn Hunnies, including Gabe, Lizzie and Usher, for showing this Mom, this old Mom, the absolute best time.  They included me in everything and never made me feel like a 3rd wheel, or a 12th wheel.  #TeamTerry was trending, which was our hashtag for my 3 days at IU.  Where else can you buy Pizza and Jimmy John sandwiches (they’re Freaky Fast) to a group and be treated like royalty, as if you served lobster, caviar and Veuve to the masses?  I love college students.  They’re so appreciative of food!  And vodka!  And Stella! 😉


Oliver Winery – This is where Meredith and I started the festivities…or where we Dartied… IU lingo for daytime drinking!



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Terry and the Dunn Honeys






A day in the life of a college student…or a college student and her mom tagging along.  Eat, Drink and #TeamTerry


Our picture in front of the Art Museum…to show Mark Bice that we do get some culture, amongst our fun-filled life.



Breakfast at Runciple Spoon…cutest breakfast spot, and just love the name!  No Mimosa’s were served at breakfast, though they do serve them, we just did not partake.  There is more to life than drinking, btw.



The closest I was going to get to Robby Benson, the former actor and current IU Professor…a pic in front of his office…Yes, I was stalking him.  Next time I’ll shower first and pop on some make-up.  May help my cause.



His and Her Stella’s.  Mine is the large one, of course.  Thanks Mer Mer!!  I had two, btw.  Lesson learned…Just because you go back to your hotel, put on a cute dress, denim jacket and sandals and get all primped up, does not mean you actually have to go out at 10PM.  #Greatdecision #Wifeswapworstshowever

The Planned, “Impromptu” Bloody Mary Bar


Just a little Bloody Mary bar, for my friends.


The perfect Bloody Mary!


Dana, Robyn and Zack enjoying my creations!  Best served with a “snit” or side of Stella!



The Dunn Hunnies loving the Lilly Pulitzer cups I brought!






KOK…Kilroy’s on Kirkwood 0180ba8eacbbfe9bc748f9b65e9bc00412e1f2c8af This is Mer Mer and some famous rapper, Waka Flocka (not sure if it’s 2 words or 1).


Dana, Robyn and that rapper, again. 🙂

01c5d77f280d5979dbb79ce95ff4882cac0ad1c27e Two-Fisting, Water Long Islands…That is the name of the cocktail, and I believe it’s about 30 oz or so.  And only $3 each.  Bargain.

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Rena, Moi, and Gabe


Kilroy’s…Scene of the crime.  No crime, actually, just an Epic evening.  #Epic #TeamTerry




Tweets – and yes, #TeamTerry was trending.  Sort of.  To us it was trending, because we are Trendy!



#TeamTerry orders pizza

Meredith’s mom can hang. #TeamTerry

Drinking with Meredith’s mom is the best thing to ever happen to this house.  #TeamTerry

Bloody Mary Bar, #TeamTerry

Are you at Blue Bird?  More importantly, where is #TeamTerry?




20 Things I wish I knew in my 20’s… dedicated to all my new best friends at IU 

1. Wasting your time reading retrospective, pandering lists will never get you anywhere.
2. Great relationships rarely begin in a bar.
3. Time spent worrying about a problem is time wasted not fixing the problem.
4. Always take adventure over money. You’ll remember that one time ______, but you’ll never remember that extra grand you made.
5. Only hang out with people who make you better.
6. Happiness is circumstantial, and never lasts; joy is a state of mind that depends on nothing but you.
7. Stop trying to “figure it out.” Understanding comes from layers of experience.
8. If you didn’t learn anything, you’ve wasted your time.
9. People respect “no” much more than “yes.”
10. You already know what you want to do. You’ve known for years, so stop wasting time on jobs and go out and create your career.
11. Life is a painting, some ugly, some beautiful, but where you look is your choice. Perspective is everything.
12. You will not live forever, so take care of your body. Sure smoking looks cool, and bad food always tastes the best, but being fat with a hole in your neck is no way to spend your 60s.
13. You really don’t matter. Almost none of us will be remembered for anything—and that’s ok. That means you can stop living with a spotlight mentality and realize that this life, the only one you’ll have, is all yours, to do with however you want.
14. Travel more. At first you’ll travel to meet people, and that’s fine. Then you’ll realize that we’re all just different shades of human, and then you’ll travel for landscape. Both will teach you things you couldn’t have learned sitting in front of the TV, and you’ll be more interesting to talk to.
15. If you have enemies, it’s your own fault.
16. When you’re sad, don’t listen to sad music.
17. It’s better to make the wrong choice than no choice at all. Learn to be decisive.
18. Quit early and quit often. Don’t fall victim to the sunk-cost fallacy.
19. Parents are people too. Get to know them, who they are and who they were at your age. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.
20. Drink more wine than beer.
(Source:  Badassery Link:



These wonderful group of smart, talented, funny and kind friends  of Mer’s (and now mine) are graduating in a little more than 2 weeks (I cannot even think about it without crying), and so looking forward to seeing them all again.  This time, however, with Kevin and Patrick in tow, not sure we will be able to recreate the magic.  Which, is probably a good thing.  Make that, a great thing! Plus, graduation is not Little 5 week, which is also a great thing!  Three days was just the perfect amount of time, and I really did have the time of my life!  It’s good to go back as a Parent, pretend you’re a college student for a few hours (or few days), but leave as a parent with your limbs (and morals and ethics ;)) in tact!

Thanks again to Mer and her buddies/hunnies for making my trip so much fun and not making me feel like an old mom.  So yes, you really can go back again.    It was a long, very sad drive home, but it’s also wonderful to get home and go back to work, where I can get some much-needed rest and relaxation!

Song of the Week:  This is IU by Fox & Weber

Miss you all.  See you in two weeks.  #Graduation






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  1. OK, have two (count ’em, two!) take-away gems this time . . . I’ve been Dartying for years and finally have a name for it and #13 is something my mother drummed into our heads ever since I can remember. Great blog, T . . . I can only imagine how much fun you had — cuz I had fun just reading it!!

    • LAP…Yup, as we know, I also enjoy a lovely chardonnay during the day. Who knew they have a term for this! Had a great time, and this was my last chance to do this with Mer…graduation, 2 weeks. OMG…

      • Oh, you’ll have lots of other times with Mer. They won’t be the same as this one with her and all her friends . . . but I remember all the times my mother and I would Darty and just have what we used to call a ‘gay old time’ . . . they will be fun and, if I know you, they will be often!!

  2. Ok, now I wish Austin was a girl…..but only for a quick, fun trip! At this point when I went to college, I only hung with his friends for about 10 minutes….plus he’s not old enough to drink so there’s THAT lack of fun!!! One day I will have that much fun with Austin’s friends….he won’t be there though!

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