Why limit happy to an hour? A Critical Discussion weekend.



Why indeed…why limit happy to an hour, when you can have a whole weekend of Happy…which is why we had a full-filled, Critical Discussion weekend, from Thursday till Sunday evening.  Yes, the band was back together again and a good time…make that Great time, was had by all.  Beth, Kathy, Stephanie, Tina, and Moi, gathered in Chicago for a weekend of laughter, libations, more laughter, a few tears, shenanigans,  some fabulous food, more malarkey, dancing and yet, more laughter and libations.  We even kept a “journal” of everything funny we said, because, Funny knows Funny!  Truly, we laughed until we cried.  Best. Weekend. Ever. And yes, I’ve been given grief from my critical friends for always having the Best of something…Well, it’s all how you look at things! 🙂



The Critical Weekend Journal


ever look at your bff

Yes, yes I have!  Welcome to Chicago, sweet Beth!


Nothing like some fresh berries in our Veuve!


Total Kathy… all dressed up and coiffed for an evening away from Critical Discussion.  #rootboost



Fun lunch at the Barrington Country Bistro.  It may be the booze talking, but we want more booze!


Impromptu Bloody Mary Bar, pre-gaming before our massages.  Note to file, next time make sure the “masseuse” understands, “Not too hard” does not equate to “hurt me till I squeal”.


Post-gaming at Shaw’s, after Foot Finesse…Beth needed many of these, to distract her from the immediate bruising after her massage. #boozing #bruising



4 drinks later!  Beth looks no worse for the wear… I, however, am. #needsmakeup


Because I look horrible in the picture before this, Beth was kind enough to send me this, so I’m plopping it into the blog!



The Critical Puppy stole my spot!  #andshesits


Beth…the keeper of the cash.  #workingfortheweekend


Critically exhausted




Critical’s personal Chef, Bob


Beth, practicing for DWTS, the Widow Edition, with Buddy. #DWTSWE



Beth is thirsty from dancing with Buddy. #whatnostella?


Critical Gifts!!


Critical with our Critical gifts…wearing our new Critical, monogrammed, nightshirts…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated. 
We’re gonna do it! 
Give us any chance, we’ll take it. 
Give us any rule, we’ll break it.
We’re gonna make our dreams come true. 
Doin’ it our way. 
Nothin’s gonna turn us back now, 
Straight ahead and on the track now. 
We’re gonna make our dreams come true, 
Doin’ it our way. 
There is nothing we won’t try, 
Never heard the word impossible. 
This time there’s no stopping us. 
We’re gonna do it. 
On your mark, get set, and go now, 
Got a dream and we just know now, 
We’re gonna make our dream come true. 
And we’ll do it our way, yes our way. 
Make all our dreams come true, 
And do it our way, yes our way, 
Make all our dreams come true 
For me and you.


Steph dancing with her Critical gifts.


Being this Fabulous is Exhausting, isn’t it Kathy P?  And to all a good night!

friends make the world beautiful










Critical Wedding Weekend…Revisited





Finally, a picture with our BF, William Floyd, where Steph doesn’t have her eyes closed!!




A sampling from our Critical Weekend Journal…

* You can’t win the warm-up!

* I was Homecoming Queen…and my king was black

* I’m not trying to pick up your son

*$40 is not $55, sir

*I don’t keep score…however…

* #crickets

* Harrison and Patrick…Midnight to Noon

*Meteorology is like reading a GPS

*We went to a milestone birthday party…which was a lot less than you might think

*Geoff will pick us up so we don’t get thrown in jail

*Got more time than money

*Pinterest is ruining the country…or for those trying to give a shower or plan a wedding

*I bounce back more than most people

*I didn’t say one more round…I said another round

*Have you seen her?  She has NO hair!

*Call me after 9PM and I’m slurring

*I got the noon on this one

*Go big or go home

*Trouble with my wife…been there, done that

*Yeah, always on the news…”Mauled by a Golden Retriever”

*And I’m in my Kicky boots

*Tag me so my peeps can see how pretty I am

*Once you’ve been to Turkey, where do you go?

* #water under the bridge

*I understand the south…I’ve seen The Blind Side

*She is not attractive to begin with

*3 glasses of wine at lunch…I call that Friday

*Singing like a canary


*You aren’t a domestic goddess…but you are a goddess

*Wasn’t aware there were a lot of Princesses from NC

*Can’t make it hurt.  I’m Catholic

*Take it to Widow Beth

*That wine is perfect, but can I have it in a cold glass?

*Rachel said don’t tag me in your BS

*Beth:  I feel like I just had the sh*t beaten out of me (referring to her one-hour massage).

*He’s not really warming up to us.  Beth can you go make out with him?

*Kathy:  I would love to go to a country western bar. Terry:  Put a needle in my eye

*Who goes out with their kids and doesn’t drink?

*Give us the cliff notes version, please

* The older we get…less beds, more bathrooms

*A hat is an all-day decision

* You can’t fix crazy

*She’s a Whack-a-doodle

*She’s so whack, her first name should be Paddy…no offense meant towards Paddy O’B.

*Harrison took great care of us…#Critical wanted for nothing

*I gave up beer for lent…Happily, I don’t drink beer.

*I’m not a pretentious guy, but I have a hard time talking to a pencil salesman

*DWTS…widow episode.  #DWTSWE

* #hookingup

* # rootboost; #stop; #perfectday #ventelation #criticaldiscussionweekend

* Are we trending yet?  Only among ourselves. That’s all that matters

best friends judge


best friends


Song of the Week…Happy by Pharrell Williams… in honor of Critical dancing to him during SNL.  Where was the video camera???


May everyone be as blessed as I to have the wonderful friends that I do… #embarrassmentofriches

Best. Weekend. Ever!!  Critical Friends rule!.  #criticalfriends

Happy upcoming birthday Beth O’B!  Love and miss ya!!

Beth, Bruce, Kev, Terry.jpg revised


It appears I missed National Sibling Day?  Hmmm…thankfully, I have a blog to make up for this…And Happy upcoming Birthday, to my brother, Luke!

Kownicks.jpg Rendi

Cheers..and I’m just about over this #hashtag phase.  #thankfully 🙂



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  1. Omg you know funny. A lifetime of funny in one weekend. The journal comments were a blast. Is there a waiting list to join? Lucky girls! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Every time I think you can’t top a previous blog you do…well done my sweet friend! #criticalonthemove

  3. She’s such a whack, her first name should be Paddy . . . I take comfort knowing that people younger than me look older . . .and the Best . . . are we trending yet? Only among ourselves!! Terrific blog, T . . . will have to reread to absorb all those one-liners!! Thanks!!

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