50 Healthy Habits…and a bit O’Spring Break relived.

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Coming off a wonderful Spring Break (and don’t worry Shannon, I won’t boast about the weather, view, food, libations, company…;)) and definitely need to get “back on the wagon”, or back on track…so I need these refreshers myself!

50 habits


Song of the Day…Never gonna give you up, by Rick Astley.  Is it just me, or does it Totally look like he’s lip syncing?! 😉


My favorite pic from spring break…me and Paddy, having a fabulous dinner, at our very favorite resort, ever…Resort at Pelican Hill…OMG…I cannot say enough great things about it.  So, I’ll just stop here.  You are welcome, Shannon! 😉



My favorite “Terryism” from spring break

Arriving at Hertz rental car Gold area.

HERTZ:  Mrs. O’Brien, we have a Dodge Caravan for you.

Terry:  I don’t think so.

Here’s Patrick in front of the car we drove off with…a Mercedes E350.  As my brother, Mark, the mayor said, I should have said, “Clearly, you don’t read my blog”.  Clearly, they don’t. But I still got the Mercedes. As my friend Tracy said, “the story of your life”.  Well, yeah, sometimes…:)



My favorite, view, ever, ever, ever!!!

view in laguna


Yes, I touched OJ Simpson’s Heisman… USC had to remove Reggie Bush’s Heisman, but still shows OJ’s.  Hmmm… I touched it anyway…and I’m speaking of The Heisman!

photo (4)

Arriving home, super late at night, and delighted to wake up to this text.  How happy and proud am I of Mer Mer…Where’s the Challenge?  Smart and funny…love that girl!!



And back home, back to reality…re-entry, hasn’t been half bad.  A special shout out, and thank you to 2 great friends, and industry pals, Donna Bongi and Deidre R. , who both came up to me this week to tell me how much they like (let’s say Love) my blog.  So while, I do know I get much more enjoyment out of writing this blog, than anyone can possibly get reading it…I do get Tickled Pink, to know people actually do enjoy, and look forward to reading it!

And speaking of Tickled Pink…thinking this Kate Spade watch, with Tickled Pink inscribed inside, has my name, All over it… (Mer get with Dad, ASAP!)


Happy Birthday weekend, to my beautiful sister, Megan!









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  1. OK, how can you comply with #23 if you also comply with #27?? And . . . as for Mer and challenges — she’ll have plenty throughout her life; enjoy it whilst she can! And, one more . . . one of your best yet, TOB, in my humble opinion.

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