15 Things Every Man Should Have


Thank you Tom Ford!  

MANic Monday…and Mr. Mayor, this one’s for you! I can’t help myself, so I have comments on each.  I’m nothing, if not, consistent.  You gotta love that about me. 😉


1.  Sense of Humor – Must Have.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it!


2.  Well read – again, even a wicked sense of humor can be overshadowed by someone not “well read”…Bad grammar and bad spelling, well, let’s not even go there.


3.  A sport you love or are good at.  Not sure he has to actually “play” the sport, but a love of sports, is a good…make that a Great quality to possess.  A love of football, is an  even better quality to possess.  Go Bears!


4.  Tweezers – yeah… no need to sport a uni-brow.  This is easy to do, if you feel you cannot, ask your barber.  Or you wife.  Or your girlfriend…


5.  A good cologne.  Grey Flannel.  Still makes my knees weak, and have loved it since the 80’s!  I even have Paddy wearing it.  Kevin, didn’t have a choice. 🙂   And another shout-out to my brother, Mr. Mayor, who started wearing this in college.

Grey Flannel2

6. A good dark suit.  Nothing better.  Nothing.  Make sure it fits well.



7.  Classic pair of black lace up shoes.  Shoes make the man.


8.  A smart blazer.  I personally prefer the dark suit, but a beautiful blazer is also very nice.


9. Dark denim jeans.  Yes!  Leave the boyfriend jeans, to the gals…like me!


10.  Lots of crisp white shirts.  Hey…I just blogged about white shirts.  Mainly for the gals, but I did feather some in for the guys!



11.  New socks and underwear.  Again, a resounding yes!  Same goes for the gals…at least as far as underwear goes.  I rarely wear socks, unless absolutely necessary.  And I don’t find it necessary to post a picture of men’s underwear.  Boxers over briefs, btw.  But boxer briefs, do have merit.


12.  A classic tuxedo.  Two words.  George Clooney.  🙂  Missed seeing him at the Academy Awards, last evening.  On TV, of course, since I wasn’t there.  Sadly.


13.  A beautiful day watch with a metal band… I’d edit this to a beautiful watch.  I gave Kevin a Rolex for our 10-year anniversary…and I think it looks dated… I’d love him to sport a classic, round-face watch, with a black band.  But he can keep the original Rolex.


14.  A great pair of sunglasses.  Stick with the classics like, aviators or Ray-bans…none of those obnoxious, neon-colored lenses, or ridiculous flashy sunglasses, screaming a designer name or worse yet, the name of a car.    Those…are ridiculous.  Go classic…you can never go wrong!


15.  Perfect teeth… In this day and age, if you don’t have perfect teeth, you are in the minority.  It’s a good idea to use whitening strips while you are at it.  Bradley Cooper…the new George Clooney…well, almost!


Song of the Day:  I Saw the Light by Todd Rungren.  In honor of American Hustle, a movie I have yet to see, but know the soundtrack rocks!

A few comments regarding the Academy Awards

1.  Ellen Degeneres Rocked it.  Absolutely nailed it.  Just love her!

2.  Lupita Nyong’o was, in my opinion, the best dressed.  And I didn’t mind the headband.  Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, Cate Blanchett, and Amy Adams round out the top 5.  This is afterall, partially a “fashion-blog”, so needed to get my opinion out there.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

3.  Matthew Mcconaughey gave a very heartfelt speech, thanking God, his father and family…then it went a bit “out there”… You can take the man away from the bongo’s, but not always the bongo’s away from the man.  My goodness.

4.  Kim Novak.  Yikes.  Best tweet of the night:  Andrew Rossi ‏@AndrewRossi  11h  Oscar producer 1: “Should we meet Kim Novack face-to-face to confirm she looks normal and is lucid?” Oscar producer 2: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  That…was awkward.  And yes, she’s 81, but it was still awkward.

5.  How in the world could John Travolta, butcher the name of Idina Menzel, since hers was the only name he needed to pronounce.  One word.  Rehearsal.  Two Words.  Show up.

6.  Not sure botox and plastic surgery always turn out well.  Just sayin’.

7.  I had more fun tweeting, re-tweeting (yes, retweeted the Ellen selfie, and participated in History) and laughing at everyone’s Facebook rants.  And how about Lupita’s brother, just jumping into this pic?  Guessing this will be his new FB profile pic.


7.  And second best tweet…It just wasn’t Liza Minnelli’s night (in the blue in the back).  This is the back angle of Ellen’s selfie.


Coming up in Friday’s blog…Things I know.  World’s shortest blog ever. 😉



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Thank you Mark B, Noel, Jason and Mark D…for letting me be “that one girl”. Love you boys! xoxo





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