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We all have one outfit that we unconsciously choose to wear again and again… and again.  It’s an easy trap to fall into.  You could be as fashionable as Olivia Palermo and still get stuck in a rut. Fortunately, there is a way out. Get up off the couch, turn off Real Housewives of Atlanta (it’s hard, I know), and prepare to feel inspired. You’re about to rethink your wardrobe — in terms of pieces both new and old. Here are nine easy ways to amp up your style:

1. Clean out your closet 

This is a no-brainer, but it’s an important first step. We all have that section in our closet with all the still-tagged, “I feel so bad that I’ve never worn this” clothes. Cleaning out your closet helps you see what you don’t wear, what you should wear, and helps you make room for and realize what you actually need.   Edit your closet.  I’ve blogged about this, but it’s truly something you need to do…and often.  

wardrobe paring down guide

2. Wear something that scares you 

For me, it was that crazy, sequin jacket that I had just never worn. I loved it (as I do most glittery things), but, well, it was a sequin jacket. Not exactly subtle. However, one day I made the leap of faith and finally wore it. Not only did I feel absolutely fabulous (how else should one feel in a jacket made of sequins?), but I instantly dreamed up about five more outfits that I had never worn before.

Love this dress, but way too low-cut for me…and that scares me.  Hence, why I shall add it to my LBD collection!

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3. Get rid of that old, comfortable ____ 

We all have that dress, T-shirt, pair of pants, etc. that we wear time and time again even though, well, it’s not really anything special. It may not even be in-tune with our current sense of style, yet we still find ourselves gravitating toward it for whatever reason. I, for example, had an American Eagle denim mini skirt that I wore consistently from ages 13-19. Ok, 19 and a half. Why? It was comfortable, it was there and it sort of always looked half-decent (or so I thought at the time…). I could have saved myself from a lot of boring outfits had I just gotten rid of it.

Hmmm…not sure I have anything “old and comfortable” that I gravitate towards…however, I do own a gray cashmere , very light-weight sweater…which is so darned comfy, I wear it in the winter to sleep with my yoga pants (always try to wear yoga pants and t-shirt or cami in the summer, and yoga pants with sweatshirt or long-sleeve Nike top in winter, so I’m already dressed to work out when I wake up…Having Kevin in SFO more often than not, does have its advantages… many, actually, but that’s a blog for a different day).  I’ve worn the sweater so many times, it’s literally worn through at the elbows.  And I still wear it.  But, I’m not willing to give it up.

4. Get a new, bold accessory that isn’t a bag or pair of shoes 

Of course, we all love bags and shoes. And more bags. And more shoes. However, there is something to be said for a wonderful accessory that is a little different. For music lovers, try finding a chic pair of headphones. Not only will you get tons of compliments, but you’ll also avoid those ugly, tangled little things we call ear buds (they even sound ugly).  My headphones of choice for winter (can I mention how sick and tired I am of the sub-zero temps?!) are earmuff headphones.  I wear them while walking Murph…not quite the chic, bling-bling type the author is speaking of, but in the Polar Vortex, they help keep me warm, and allow me to still listen to my favorite tunes!


5. Buy a crazy pair of shoes 

Shoes are one of the most glorious parts of shopping. They always fit, there is no horrifying dressing room lighting associated with trying them on, and, well, they’re just really pretty. Obviously. Go ahead and buy that ridiculous, feathered, beautiful, crazy pair of way-too-high heels you’ve been wanting. You’ll feel inspired and re-charged by the new addition to your closet.

These aren’t too super-crazy, but I do believe I Must have these!!


6. Find your signature shade of lipstick 

Ah, the power of lipstick. Whether you’re like me and opt for the classic, bright red lip or you want to try something a little different like orange or plum, lipstick is a surefire way to push yourself to be stylish and creative with your outfits. Are you going to want to throw on that T-shirt and pair of leggings while wearing a bold lip color? Nope. Never.

This is my “signature” lip color…Chic by Mac.  Unfortunately… they no longer make it.  I had to buy 4 tubes on Amazon for $25 each, when it’s typically $13 each.  I’ve been exploring more “reds”, due to Meredith’s insistence, as well as “berry”  colors.  


This is Mac Chic

img-thing (1)

Bobbie Brown’s Vintage Red by L’Wren Scott.  I’ve just ordered this through Nordstrom.   Meredith will be pleased.

ballerina shimmer

This new color, Ballerina Shimmer, by Bobbi Brown (below) has just been added to my make-up bag.  Guessing will look best with a little bit of tan.

7. People watch

I don’t mean the creepy, stalking type of people watching. No. That would be weird. I’m thinking more along the lines of casually drinking a latte and observing the people who come to that super-hip coffee shop you go to on weekends. That kind of thing. So, go ahead, listen to some Bon Iver, drink that latte, and be inspired by the unique style of those around you. Sounds simple, but it always works.  I always “people-watch” and look for new inspirations of what to wear, as well as what Not to wear.  I print out the pictures (or Pin them on Pinterest), so I have something to reference when I’m looking for some “inspiration”.


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8. Find some cool sunglasses

Everyone looks cooler with sunglasses on. It’s just a fact. An outfit without sunglasses is like Ryan Gosling with a shirt. Yes, ok, everything looks very nice the way it is, but…imagine the possibilities if you were to just add (in Ryan’s case, subtract) one little thing. It’s just a whole other level of awesome.

I’ve shown these before…and here I am wearing them with Paddy, while making the most of a cancelled flight, and hanging with some dear friends in San Clemente.  I loved these glasses so much, I also got them in black.  From Tory Burch.  Black shown below as well.  

9. Switch things up

Literally. When you’re about to leave the house in your favorite graphic T-Shirt and statement necklace combination, stop for a second and switch one thing about what you’re wearing. Yeah, it’s a great look. But try a different necklace? A scarf instead? Forcing yourself to move out of your comfort zone only leads to good things, people.

They always say, remove one thing you are wearing (accessory, not necessarily clothing item)…But back to adding on, :), I like these items.  The necklace, is indeed, bold…and would be great with a plain, white tee-shirt, jeans, and fun sandals.  I love the way the fur vest is paired up with the satchel below.  A bit edgy.  I like edgy.  

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My latest, get out of my wardrobe rut item?  A red and yellow rugby shirt from USC.  Love it.  I wear it with jeans, and my knit uggs…not quite the “daring out on a limb look”, but it is out of my wheelhouse.  My fashion wheelhouse. 😉

Best week ever…while visiting with clients in Indy, I was able to meet Meredith for dinner!  Plus the 7+ hours driving, has given me weeks and weeks of motivations for “Song of the Day”. 🙂


Song of the Day:  Back Where You Belong by .38 Special…which, is one of my all-time favorite bands!!  And this video has the lyrics, which is especially helpful, especially for me, since I do my best singing in the car, and I’ve come to find out I very rarely have the lyrics correct.

Shout out to my brother Mark, Mr. Mayor…who asked when is the next MANic Monday?  This coming Monday, Mr. Mayor. Things Every Man Should Have.  Can. Not. Wait!



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Who cares?  My comment is funnier than this saying, btw…


And yes, the air does hurt my face.  Seriously, so Done with this winter weather!

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  1. I’m typing this from Ohare on my way to see Brian at Univ Minn…and the air hurt my face! In the airplane tunnel! Why did I live here?! Aww cause all my favorite family and friends live here. Seriously, that saying is perfect for me today. And I’m wearing pink and its Friday and life is good. Fun post.

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