Spring Fashion Forecast

spring fashion trends

It may be below zero in many areas of the country, but spring is but a mere 40 days away.  Hallelujah!  For a brief moment, or for as long as it takes you to read this blog (or skim it), let’s focus on Spring…and Spring Fashions.   Courtesy of Etcetera!


CHIC NEUTRALS – Laid-back silhouettes in a neutral  palette, refined delicate fabrics  and shimmering metallics. Peplums, ruched skirts, and lace dresses conjure the most feminine spirit in textures — all in neutral, metallic tones.

SP14 Halle Tiramisu

DEEP WATERS – Haute Denim–Dressed-up with a tweed mix.  Our dark blue denim ensemble, Indigo, is inspired by Gucci and Valentino and is one of the freshest denim looks we have seen in a long time.


SP14 Dallas Astor

INTO THE WILD – With safari and animal prints.  Who doesn’t like to take a walk on the wild side? Graphic and washed-out animal prints roar this spring as does all things Bohemian, tribal, graffiti and even paint-strokes.

SP14 ETC PV Fawn

VERY BERRY – Be bold in bright hues.  You will see flowers and more flowers in bold colors, light prints, tropical and patchwork patterns, tone on tone, and every girly way you can think of this spring.


SP14 Cassis Arizona

AQUA FRESH – Cool blues bring a touch of the tropics.  This trend may have you thinking of Miami Beach, the desert, or perhaps the “Girl on Fire;” A hot look this spring is head-to-toe corals and reds, as well!

SP14 PV Faith SP14 Trends Aqua Fresh


IN THE PINK – Take a walk on the pretty side.  I personally couldn’t be happier to be thinking pink. It’s updated this season in floral and geometric prints, as well as on jacquards and silks.

SP14 ETC PV Valentine 2 SP14 ETC PV Bubblegum Denim

CITY SLEEK – Get graphic in black and white.  Universally, these are the most flattering colors that are always classic and chic when they are worn together or on their own. This spring, Etcetera features so many great black and white pieces playing on other trends of lace, pleats, and geometrics ruffles.

Sp14 ETC PV Blog BW 3 Sp14 ETC PV Blog BW 1

NAUTICAL BY NATURE – The quintessential trend that  effortlessly floats through the Spring season.  Always sporty, classic, cool and all-American, the nautical look is beyond big this spring! You will find stripes, gold buttons, navy, red and white, flirty silhouettes, tweeds and more.

SP14 Regalia Sahara SP14 Boatride Parker

More Fab Spring Looks – and this shamelessly will continue to plug, Etcetera…because this spring line, Rocks!

SP14 Courtney Spring Break

all signs paint to love

day to night

style is all


Pantone Colors 

Every December since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute announces it’s pick for the Color of the Year. For 2014 that color is PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple. Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and exudes great joy, love and health.

SP14 Pantone Radiant Orchid

The Pantone experts travel the globe studying color influences from the entertainment industry, interior decorating, art collections, and even sports events to forecast color directions that are then used in fashion design, interior decorating, graphic design, and packaging. Further, they explore how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions.



More Fun Spring Looks…and these are Not from the Etcetera line.

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These next 3 dresses are from Ralph Lauren Spring 2014…Would love to own all 3, or even 1!

48befa9a09831bc8622ffb9a13d3d6d8 c7eb5bbb2914d08ecd170842fc47ce27 6f04c57e55ba0459ed20bf9cbe947a38

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Timeless Wardrobe Essentials

Spring…Cannot Wait…I say, as I type and my fingers are frozen, almost solid…and this is in the comfort of my own home, with a roaring fireplace, and a big pooch snuggled up next to me.

This weekend starts Patrick-Palooza, the week of my baby boy’s 17th birthday.  Not sure how that happened, but here we are, and Meredith is home, Kevin soon to arrive and we have a 10-day celebration planned including fun, shenanigans, and perhaps some fun in the sun!  Continues to be the Best year ever!!  And, yes, I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing it, but with living in Chiberia, we really need to focus on the positive.  Plus, I’ve really had a great year…and it’s only going to get better!


Mer and Paddy Confirmation

kev and paddy seal beach

Paddy 1

Paddy and Mom

family benihana0001

Since it’s Friday, and not Thursday, guess these pictures are from Fall-back Friday.  I’ll really be dangerous when I find the time to scan all my old pictures!

Song of the Week…Tenderness, by General Public.  Throwback to the 80’s…makes you want to get up and dance!!

Happy Birthday Week Paddy!  Love you sweet boy!  Life is short…make good choices!

Check out my newest venture:  www.indiahicks.com/rep/terry



PS…Note to the would-be burglars out there… if you happen to read in my blog that I may be “on a trip”, “planning a trip”, or being “driven to the airport”, please rest assured that I have house sitters while I’m gone, so while I am, indeed blonde…I am not nearly as dumb as I look.  And thank you, NKO, for asking why I would be so blatant , announcing to the world my travel plans, and inviting the bad guys to rob my house.  The house is secure, watched with a guard dog, just waiting for someone to “make her day”. 🙂



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At least I’m not sad!


  1. Wow, loving these fashion pics. So much gorgeousness and beauty. Hope I win that sweepstakes! Aww, happy birthday Patrick, he has grown up so good. He really is a great person inside and out, enjoy!

  2. . . . and that photo of your ‘guard dog’ will be sure to scare any burglar away!! Happy Bday, Patrick!!

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