List of Boyfriend Rules


Saw this on Huffington Post.  List of boyfriend rules.   The authors, two 6-year olds.  Goes back to Everything I Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.  These are incredibly accurate, btw.

I have to say, I don’t think I’d change one thing on this list.  As said on HP…It’s hard to argue with the authors of today’s cute kid note.

Title: List Of Boyfriend Rules

Authors: Blaire (age 6) and Brooke (age 9)

Who is this mystery man? Mom says Blaire is “absolutely boy crazy” and likes to think of Justin Bieber as her future boyfriend.

However… Nine-year-old Brooke said Blaire’s future bf “should be someone who is better than Bieber and not always getting in trouble.”

Hence, this list.


  1. nice hand writing
  2. cuteness
  3. likes parents
  4. not living with parents
  5. good manners
  6. good artist
  7. dresses well
  8. takes you to nice places
  9. nice place
  10. likes children/wants children
  11. nice jewelry
  12. listens 
  13. don’t pick your nose
  14. no kissing on first date
  15. marry some one who respects you
  16. smart
  17. good cook
  18. has a good job
  19. always happy
  20. clean
  21. respect different religions
  22. last name not weird 
  23. very fun
  24. makes you laugh
  25. eats healthy
  26. takes care of body
  27. doesn’t tattle tale
  28. brushes teeth and floss
  29. likes YOUR job
  30. take care of pet

Take note, ladies!

And shame on the “journalists” who are picking apart this list…Penned one, “Either way, I encourage every female reader we have who wants to abide by these guidelines to print them out, tape them to your wall, and then talk to your cats all about it for the next fifteen years”.  Really?!  These little girls are 6, and quite frankly, this list is spot on.  Spot on!  And I won’t mention, by name, the “journalist” who decided to take a pot shot at these two young authors.  And while I am not a fan of cats, I take offense for every woman (a single woman)  who has one (or as many as they care to own, for Pete’s Sakes), for that stupid stereotype.

I think I shall edit this week’s previous blog, and add this list of boyfriend rules to Things that Tickle My Fancy…Because Tickled, I am.

Love it, and love them!  I’m speaking of the rules and the 6-year old authors…still not loving cats. 🙂

Happy Birthday Bruce…shown here with one of my all-time favorite people, his wife, Beth


And Happy Birthday, Amelia…on left, with me and Joy.

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