Things that Tickle my Fancy


Tickle My Fancy…To amuse, entertain, or appeal to someone; to stimulate someone’s imagination in a favorable manner.

And yes, I realize it happens to be MANic Monday (first Monday of the Month), so while this is not necessarily geared towards Men…I will dedicate this to Men…who should always know ways to tickle your gal’s fancy!  That, of course, works both ways!  And, this is also dedicated to Linda, who spent the night on Polo Drive (no drinking and driving) and asked this morning, “why are you publishing a blog today, it’s not Friday”?  Why?  For one, because it’s MANic Monday (clearly it was an oversight on her part), and two, because it’s DressedtoaT, not DressedtoaL. 🙂

Just some things that happen to Tickle my Fancy…and even after 23 years of blissful marriage, :), Kevin still needs a few reminders. If only he read, or knew I penned a blog. 🙂


How can you not want to smooch all over this precious little girl?


Just makes me giggle…


I’ll Love You Forever.  My very Favorite children’s book… When I try to read it out loud, I end up crying uncontrollably… Yup, I’m a mess!


I love the movie, UP…and Carl Fredrikson, totally reminds me of my Dad.  Miss him so much. 🙁

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Not even when I’m a hundred…


So, so sweet.


No such thing as “Just a Dog”…no way, no how.


Murphy…Cannot believe how much we love her.  xoxoxo


Always believe…even when you don’t believe…


Age is just a number.


Words to live by.  I have this “skin” on my Laptop and my iPad…and used to, on my iPhone, until I got the iPhone 5, which doesn’t seem to accommodate the iPhone skin…Which, the iPhone 5, does Not tickle my fancy, btw…since my on/off button doesn’t work properly…so I have to do like, 6 steps to lock my screen.


Quack, Quack…


Oh look…another Buttercup reference!


I have lots of angels, looking down on me and my family.


Such a sweet, lovable puppy…and who cares about shoes, anyway? 😉

Tickle tickle…yes, this does, indeed, tickle my fancy


OMG…too, too cute.


well, this is very true.


My Dad loved this picture so much, he gave it to his vet, and I had to make him another copy, to hang on his refrigerator.


Not only is this a Super cute baby…but in a Bears jersey!



From You’ve Got Mail… probably the one movie, other than Brian’s Song, or Rudy, that if it’s on…I sit myself down, and watch it.  I love this movie so much, that I will blog about all my very favorite quotes and one-liners in it.


You know what doesn’t tickle my fancy?  How about the worst Super Bowl ever?!  Wow…what a snoozer, and who saw that coming?  Thankfully, I wasn’t checking Face Book, during the party (because I’m trying to live more “in the present”), while glancing at it this AM…it seems everyone else, except those rooting for Seattle, were as stunned as the rest of the world.  Happily, we were at a fabulous party, (Donna and Dave always throw the best Super Bowl parties) and Patrick won one of the “pools”, so that helped dull the pain of Peyton Manning, having the worst game of his life.  But he still has a Super Bowl ring, and it is nice that Seattle did win their first ever Super Bowl.

Go Bears! 🙂



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  1. Consider me tickled, too. “Guess Who? I Don’t Care!” hysterical. So much happiness here, thanks for sharing.

  2. How do you make Tickle My Fancy sound so dirty? . . . shades of the JoeMann shining down thru one of those holes! 🙂

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