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I should be posting about spring fashions, but since it’s 0, yes , zero degrees here in Chicago, it’s really not appropriate, plus I’m quite certain I’d hear much grief from the peanut gallery… so today’s blog…a compilation of stories and videos of things that tug at my heartstrings! Coming from a girl who cries (sobs) at Hallmark commercials, when a team wins a “big game”, watching children perform…you get the idea… But, I Love these…so please be prepared to break out your Kleenex.  Enjoy!

This will Never get old… Members of the Military reuniting with their families…

Happy Veteran’s Day…Love, Ellen


Passengers give up first class seats from Chicago – San Diego for Soldiers –  I’ve done this twice…and I have to say, sitting in coach, both times, was one of the best flights I ever had.  And each flight, was probably 4+ hours, as they were to CA, but it felt like an hour.  I have vowed to do this anytime I happen to be fortunate enough to be upgraded, and there’s a member of the military on our flight.  We can never thank them enough for the sacrifices they’ve made.


San Francisco transforms city to Gotham City for young boy…I did blog about this a few months back, but in case you missed it…I still find this an awesome story!  And part of it was filmed behind Kevin’s hotel, and he saw part of it being filmed! 🙂



Strangers make friends in a “Ball Pit” 🙂

One of my favorite Olympic Moments…Runner tears hamstring, and father helps him finish the race.  I remember watching this race, “live” on TV, and remember thinking, I will remember this for the rest of my life.


Dog found in tornado rubble, 8 days later!


How Opposing team, Sacred Heart-Griffin, showed sportsmanship, at its’ finest, against, Washington, IL high school, a school whose community was torn apart from a tornado the week prior.

A Man comforts his dying dog with daily “swim” in Lake Superior



Wonderful commercial, by Kohl’s, about the spirit of giving…



Company decorates the homes for the holidays for military families.


5-year old girl, Savannah, helps save Dad’s life, with one of the most darling 911 calls, ever. 🙂

 West Jet Airlines grants entire plane load of passengers, their Christmas wish!!  Yes, already blogged about this, but love this!


Brian’s Song…my favorite movie, ever… I have probably watched it over 100 times…and I can basically recite, verbatim, the entire movie.   This is, indeed true, and Meredith, Patrick and Kevin will attest to it.  They are not nearly as impressed by my memorization, as I am.

Heartwarming Pictures

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My very, very dear friend Rhonda spent the night with us last night, and is driving us to the airport this AM…I’m so thankful for great friends, and friends who also fall in love with Murph!  And a free ride to O’Hare, is never a bad thing!! 🙂

rhonda and murph

And speaking of Murph… Monday’s blog will be More Murph!  Plus, because of blogging about things that tug at my heartstrings, I believe I owe a blog about things that tickle my funny bone…my favorite jokes and ecards… Will work on that on the flight!

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Oh my. I will have to pace myself on these. Watched first one and am ugly crying. So beautiful seeing these families reunited and reminder of what a sacrifice our military give for our safety. Now i have to stop since I have a wedding tonight and will be swollen like a blowfish!

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