How to Tie a Scarf…for the Guys


The first Monday of the month is supposed to be MANic Monday. Unfortunately, in 2013, I probably only posted 4 or 5 blogs aimed towards my male fan base (Mark Steve and Bruce and I believe that’s about all).  And when 30% of my male fan base, asks me to post more blogs aimed at men (and one happens to be not only my brother, but an elected official, Mr. Mayor)… and we know I always aim to please, I decided to start yesterday.  Only, I didn’t post yesterday, so MANic Monday is now MANic Tuesday.  So much for being on task in the new year! 🙂

Since tying scarves, or “It’s a Wrap”  is one of my most-read blogs (15,000+), I thought one angled towards men would be handy, and hopefully well-received.  And since the weather outside is most certainly frightful (Day 2 of “bitter cold” day, meaning 2nd day in a row kids are off school) so bundling up, is most definitely mandatory…and why not be “stylish” when you tie your scarf?

Found this snappy article on… and thought it was worthy or pirating…I mean, reprinting!  And some appear so basic, but we are dealing with Men…and, as I have come to realize, many have absolutely No fashion sense at all…while some rock at it.  This is geared toward both!


Besides a warm winter coat and polar bear repellent, a scarf is a gentleman’s best defense against the elements. But a scarf can be so much more than just frostbite protection. The right scarf knotted the right way can add boatloads of charm and personality to a your look—a great consolation during those frigid, unforgiving months of winter (or any windy, rainy, or chilly night). They’ve put together six of our favorite scarf knotting methods to illustrate the classic options a man should consider when bundling up.

The City Slicker

The City Slicker When out and about in the crisp city air, this classic knot is a no-nonsense choice that keeps your scarf neat and stylish with no fuss. Simply fold the scarf in half length-wise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the loose ends through the loop that was created by the fold. The City Slicker knot instantly adds a clean, put-together shape to your outfit, whether that be a cozy sweater and chinos or a dapper suit.

The Sophisticate

The Sophisticate This scarf style is the perfect balance between put together and laid-back. Drape the scarf around your neck, leaving one end shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end loosely around your neck once or, if you would like a more bundled look, wrap it around twice with both ends lying in the front. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference. The Sophisticate style can be paired with anything from a winter coat to a T-shirt and cardigan. calls this look the Once Around.

The Ivy Leaguer

The Ivy Leaguer Look like a regular Harvard man with this elegant and studious scarf style. The Ivy Leaguer can go from very formal to a casual day look depending on the outfit and scarf itself. There are two variations: the scarf draped over the blazer (like step 1) or tucked under the lapel (like step 3). This style can be worn with an opera scarf over a tuxedo or with a blazer and sweater.

The connoisseur

The Connoisseur Because The Connoisseur is reminiscent of an ascot, it is perfect for a man who enjoys the finer things in life. To create The Connoisseur, lay the scarf around your neck so both ends are even in the front. Bring one end over and under the other like a single knot. Drape the front end over the back and adjust length to your liking. This style can be worn loose (like step 4), but also looks great when tucked into a blazer or a v-neck sweater. The Connoisseur gives a refined air to your everyday garb.

The jet setter

The Jet Setter Adopting this classic scarf style will give an effortless feel to your outfit. First, drape the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other. Next, wrap the longer end of the scarf across the front of your neck and let it hang over your opposite shoulder. If the scarf is extra long, wrap it around your neck once before placing it behind your shoulder. The Jet Setter will have you looking like a globetrotter in no time.

The weekender

The Weekender Like its name suggests, The Weekender is a more casual scarf knot that looks both contemporary and nonchalant. Start with one end in the front, close to your neck, and wrap the long end around your neck until it is short. Tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and fluff out for preferred volume.


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It’s been a week, and I’m finally getting over the Bear’s loss…and excited we still have 3 weeks left of football!  And happy to see my favorite college team win the National Championship… as I was hobnobbing with them, with my critical friends on the critical wedding weekend.  Best. Weekend. Ever.



In our defense, it was o’dark thiry, I had my hair in a pony tail, for probably 4 hours prior to this photo, after a 90-minute massage, and took it out for the photo-op, with William Floyd, former San Francisco 49-er, current radio announcer for FSU, along with Steph, Beth and “the booster”.  But here we were back in November, with our buddies from FSU!  WTG Seminoles! 🙂 Gearing up for my favorite business trip of the year, so this Friday I shall post about Packing Tips…yes, it’s that time of the year! 🙂


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  1. Is that the only photo you have….with my eyes closed? 🙂
    So fun that night was….Go FSU!

  2. The heck with the guys . . . great scarf tips & pics for me! And, the photos of the fellas ain’t bad either . . .

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