Jay Cutler…the $126M Man…and The 52-week money challenge.

If you have a goal

Good Golly Miss Molly!   Jay Cutler, has been signed to a 7-year, $126M contract with the Chicago Bears to play through 2020.  I don’t even know what I’ll be doing in 2020, but clearly, I’ll be watching Jay Cutler as the Bear’s funky QB.  Lots of conflicting opinions on this, and I’ve debated it enough on Facebook, so “not gonna go there now”, especially since I’m still Smarting over the loss on Sunday.  Oh, but what a fun game that was…until we lost in the final seconds…



Yes, Meredith is legal.  As am I! And for the 6 or so people who saw this photo and asked where my Hat was…I was wearing ear muffs, that come from behind my neck.

terry and jay smith

Me and my new BFF, Jay, via his beautiful wife, Holly. We played musical seats…and I had 2 others to come sit in my seats, and sent 2 away for the 2nd quarter.  I didn’t move, btw.  #lazyandireallylovemyseats.

riveting game

Patrick found it to be a “riveting game”… I do believe this was during a time out or end of half time.


Here is where things went Hinky.

saddest last 5 seconds of a game

Saddest last 5 seconds of any game ever…And yes, Tracy..#imstillnotoverit.  It may take a while.  🙁

Back to Jay… and here is the face of the $126M man…(and yes, the defense lost the game, not Jay, and not our offense)


Yeah, I’d be smiling as well. And snorting.  And smiling.  Heck, I’d be smiling if I just received $1.26M.  And snorting… At least he’s smiling and wearing something, that doesn’t resemble the hoodlum attire, he was sporting at the post-game conference on Sunday.


Here are some other “stylish” photo’s of Jay at recent press conferences:

Cutler Ditka

Nice Ditka shirt.


Yeah…and this was indoors, btw.  I just don’t understand why someone who makes (made) $50M, “back in the day”, can’t dress appropriately for a press conference.  But that’s just me.

anna wintour

I think Jay can be both better than the competition and dress better, btw.   I believe in him.

Aside from winning numerous Super Bowls for Chicago, I do hope he does some good with this money.  The NFL should mandate that actually.  This is Crazy money.  More than rock star money.  More than the person who (god-willing) will soon come up with the cure for cancer.  $126M is a lot of money.  Do something good with it.


And here’s what I’ve been seeing floating around on Facebook, and how us “little people”, will save a little money, every week, and have $1378 by the end of 2014.

52 Week Money Challenge

52 week money challenge

$1378 is nothing to sneeze at, and I’m going to do this myself, but I’d rather have $126M. 😉

Jay Cutler : $126M

The rest of us:  $1378

And there you have it. 🙂

My friend Kim posted this on Facebook and Instagram, on “Black Monday”, the day 5 NFL coaches were fired and I think it’s worthy of sharing.  It does put things into perspective, and reminds us that football is more than the NFL, there are families, children, the loss of jobs…it’s not all about the $126M man.  And I’m a Bears fan, and I like Jay Cutler…it’s just a LOT of $$$ to pay someone to play 16 games, and hopefully 4 more in the off-season, for 7 years.  But that’s me, the girl whose motto is Frugal is the new black.

My annual rant … As fans I know it’s easy to call for a coach’s head. Maybe justifiable at times. But remember there are usually families attached to those coaches. Kids in school, insurance plans, friendships broken, and lots of stuff behind the scenes the media can’t possibly portray. Be kind in your thoughts. Say a prayer for coaches today.  🙂  

And pray I did…and will continue to do so.


And aside from the 52-week money challenge, and the $126M man, people are talking about “getting back into shape”.  I have never been in shape, per se, but as my friend Carol said, (my brilliant friend Carol)…I am ready for some clean living!  And this weekend shall be a transition weekend…More activity, less food!  Thankfully, the 4 of us will do this hobnobbing in -10 degree temps in downtown Chicago!  Yippee!  Can’t wait.  Seriously, can’t wait!

Happy New Year and Go Bears (next year, of course).






Unless it’s the sideline girl at an NFL game…it’s still my dream job.


  1. Frugal is the new black . . . my motto for the past 40 years — and it works! As for Jay — he’s Only guaranteed $56M, so cut the guy some slack, eh?? Love, Love, LOVE your blog, T . . .

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