I’m Cuckoo for Coconut Oil!


My original title for this blog was, “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”, but didn’t want people to take that the wrong way…so I’ll just say I’m Cuckoo for Coconuts…and Coconut Oil!  And while I knew a few of the benefits of coconut oil, I had absolutely No idea the list seems endless. Plus, it’s all over Pinterest (the new black), so it looks like not only will I have smooth legs, shiny hair, finally a working-digestive system, but shall lessen my stress, risk of certain diseases, and just maybe, kick my thyroid into gear…as it appears to have been in neutral, for , oh say 22 years, since Meredith was born!  Plus, I gave everyone in My Favorite Thing’s gift exchange ($10 or less) a jar of coconut oil, along with a listing of all Benefits, so I have just added 7 more Believers… And, while it’s typically about $19/jar, I found it Buy one, get one.  Frugal is the New Black.


Best comment of the week goes to Cinda…who, when reading about the plethora of benefits of Coconut Oil, commented:  Also used the coconut oil on my hands last night  and did you all see that you can use it for cooking too and it says it actually helps you lose weight!!  I wonder how many of those coconut cookies I need to eat to lose a pound!  She was referring to my coconut cookies, for the cookie exchange.  Sugar Cookies, with frosting, with coconut folded into the frosting, and with even More coconut sprinkled on top.  Less is not always more!

12 Stellar Uses for Coconut Oil

uses for coconut oil

Amazing Benefits


Natural Benefits


17 Beauty Uses


15 Dietary Uses


10 Health Benefits

IMG_1480.JPG (2)

Out of the Box Uses



coconut deodorant

Funny knows funny…and thankfully, my siblings are also funny.  On Christmas Eve, I did (or performed) a reading of David Thorne (the spider), and of course, could barely get by without snorting and crying through laughter…but they found it as funny as I!  Funny knows funny.  And most books have arrived, so will continue to deliver books to the winners of my favorite comments on that blog.  David Thorne…the gift that keeps on giving!


Worst movie ever...Anchorman 2.  All 4 of us, thought it was horrible.  Thankfully, we saw it at the iPic, where they serve cocktails, so we were able to dull our pain…All, but poor Patrick.  Not always sweet to be 16!

the pic that didn't make the card

The picture that didn’t make the Christmas card.  Out of, say, 100 pictures, the kids looked great in each, but only one had Murphy looking at the camera.  It’s all about the dog. 🙂

I cannot help myself, so the song of the day:  I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

And while I’m Cuckoo for Coconuts, I’m even more Cuckoo for my Chicago Bears!!  A big win on Sunday, and we win the NFC North…So excited!

Go Bears!!






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  1. Sounds like coconut oil is the be all end all . . . better go get me a plantation QUICK!! Really liked the Christmas cartoons, too! Thx!

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