Because we need a little Christmas…

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If you have not seen this video, of WestJet airline providing Holiday wishes to a plane load of passengers, or even if you’ve already seen it, it’s worth a second look.  Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this is a delightful celebration of the Holiday Season!  Love, Love, Love this!!

‘Twas the month of December, when all through Facebook, the WestJet Christmas Miracle ad was making people look…

Canada’s WestJet airlines is spreading a bit of holiday cheer online this week, thanks to a “Christmas miracle” video that’s gone viral.

Unwitting, weary passengers on recent Calgary-bound WestJet flights were part of the heartwarming stunt, which was put on by more than 150 airline staff.

Prior to their departure from Toronto and Hamilton, WestJet passengers were asked by a virtual Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas, after scanning their boarding passes at kiosks set up by the airline.While the unsuspecting passengers made their way to Calgary, WestJet staff — who recorded all the requests — scrambled to buy, wrap, and deliver the presents to Calgary International Airport.

When the planes touched down, passengers waiting for their luggage were in disbelief when instead of bags, they saw the wrapped presents they had asked for coming down the carousel – from socks and underwear, to an android tablet.

And after many of the passengers collected their gifts from the carousel, WestJet staff unveiled a massive box for their grand finale.  The family who asked for a large TV, did, indeed, receive a large TV.  Of course, the gentleman who asked for socks and underwear, may be rethinking his choice…but I’m sure he was thrilled with the socks and underwear. 🙂

In a video explaining the “Christmas miracle” stunt, WestJet vice-president of communications Richard Bartrem said the company will donate flights to the Ronald McDonald Charities once it cracks its goal of 200,000 views.

That feat was easily reached, as the video has so far amassed nearly 3 million views in 3 days.

In a similar stunt last year, WestJet organized its first “Christmas miracle” by surprising passengers going from Calgary to Toronto with a flash mob of dancing and singing elves.

Source:  Calgary Sun newspaper

Take a look….it will warm your heart.  Please give yourself the gift of these 5 minutes.


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Song of the Day:  We need a little Christmas, from Glee

And yes…I did survive Monday night’s game, where the Bears Dominated the Cowboys!!!  A wonderful early Christmas gift.  And yes, it was a balmy 4 degrees, but we survived and stayed for almost the entire game!  And how fabulous that my new BFF, Mike Ditka, who I was hobnobbing with last week (picture below), had his number retired during halftime. Bears 45 Cowboys 28. Best. Night. Ever!

terry and ditka

Just hobnobbing with Da Coach at his restaurant last week. And yes, he really did say, after I posed a well-thought question:  “You really know a lot about football”.  And yes, it’s gone viral on Facebook. 🙂


Paddy and Chris in front of the Super Large Mike Ditka picture at Soldier Field.


Me and the First Lady of Cary, whom I like to refer to as my sister in law, Shannon…keeping warm, and providing my friend Kim with a selfie, in 6 degree weather.


Not the worst seats in the house.   And we can see Alshon Jeffrey, #17, who is so much fun to watch!!


Mike Ditka…#89.

Have a Happy Wednesday!!







  1. LOVE the look on the kid’s face when he says “No way!!” . . . and glad you didn’t freeze to death at the game, TOB!!

  2. Terry,
    Thanks for a fun night…on a lot of different levels. Can’t believe those seats! Being so close to the security guards (just a nod away for those who don’t know how close the seats are to the field) came in handy:)
    Frozen beer, layers of clothing, sleeping bags and Terry’s professional insight to the game…priceless. And two moms taking their sons to a freezing cold football game and not complaining once. Priceless! In fact, truth be told, we wanted to stay longer than our boys.

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