Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings…these are some more of my Favorite Things!


In honor of the Sound of Music,  my favorite musical… This is the 5th edition of my Favorite Things!!

Fashionista Nutcrakers – not just for the holidays anymore!  My all time favorite gift!!  Thank you NKO and LS, for these gems…which will be displayed, year-round in my home.  What I like almost as much as these nutcrackers, was how NKO and LS, built up the surprise, and then described why these were perfect for me!  Style knows style (kinda how funny knows funny).

bad picture of me…but cutest nutcrackers, Evah!


Living Proof Prime Style Extender: A weightless hairstyling primer that protects and extends the life of your style.  I put this on before I use Mousse, or gel while my hair is wet.  This honest to goodness, helps my hair stay in place all day long.  Well that, Rusk Worx Atomizer, which I have to buy in bulk on eBay, as I believe it’s been discontinued, even though when I called Rusk, they told me it’s not available “everywhere”.  How about Anywhere?


Frederick Fekkai – shampoo and conditioner – sometimes you do, actually get what you pay for.  Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care shampoo and conditioner.  And while I am still a believer of the Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner, in the Invigorating Mint scent, I’m probably a bit more of a believer in this Fekkai shampoo and conditioner.  So I have layered using them, 2 days Fekkai, and 1 day Suave.  🙂  You can get Frederick Fekkai at Target; Costco; Sephora; Walmart and Nordstrom… I found some on sale, for $19.99 each, at Target, and received a $5 gift card back, with both…so it was $14.99.  Frugal is the new black.


Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil Gel


I have extremely dry skin.  Horrifyingly so.  Pale, irish skin, is the blame.  This works wonders on my dry skin, especially in the spring and summer on my legs, when they are more exposed than in the late fall and winter.  It doesn’t feel “oily”, like baby oil, but very smooth…It does make your skin look and feel dewy soft.  You can also mix some of this gel with your favorite moisturizer if you don’t like the appearance (it looks almost “wet”) on your skin.

Yaktrax – These are springs you attach to your shoes so you can run or walk in the winter, on snow and ice, without taking a spill.  These truly saved me (and my neck) last winter, especially since I have to walk Murph numerous times a day.


Ear Muffs head phones – when I walk or run, I always like to have my headphones to plug into my iPhone so I can listen to my music.  In the winter, since I am forever cold, my ear muffs which have headphones attached, are handy and practical!  The sound is great, and my ears stay warm!  Love these.  I believe mine were $45.


Judith Jacks necklace – I received this as a gift, and wear it almost every day, and each time I wear it I received compliments. Love, love, love this!


Tory Burch cross body bag – mine is the Amanda mini…I received it as a gift, so not sure on price point, but you can check out Tory Burch (, Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.


Stella and Dot – Waverly 3-way convertible bag – $258 – I love to use this when I travel.  I put my iPad; book; sudoku book; wristlet; headphones and other necessities (small necessities) I want with me on the plane, under the seat…and I put my other larger carry-on in the overhead above me, as instructed by the flight personnel.



L’Occitane hand cream – Shea Butter Hand Cream – $28 – I have been the lucky recipient of this hand cream from 2 of my besties…and I’m a believer!  My hands, which tend to get red, itchy and crack, appear to have been reborn!  I also love to travel with this, and buy the smaller travel size to put in my convertible cross body bag!

l'occitane hand cream

Amazing Grace Perfume – In summer my scent is Bobbie Brown, Beach.  From Oct – May (unless it’s spring break) I wear Amazing Gracy by Philosophy.  This is light and never overbearing.  Plus, they have candles, hand gel, deoderant, and a plethera of other items in this scent.


David Thorne!  I’ve mentioned him in previous blogs, but he’s just hilarious, and I love to read him.  My favorite book, The Internet is a Playground” is a book I love to give my friends.  You can also read lots about him on his webpage:  I have just added his new book, “I’ll go home then; it’s warm and has chairs…The Unpublished Emails”.

One of my favorites:  Missing Missy!


Favorite Things Party

Some of my friends and I started a tradition in giving each other some of our favorite things.  The price limit was $10-$15, because there are 10 of us and everyone goes home with 1 of each.  Last year I gave the St. Ives Moisturizing cream and EOS lip balm, both which have been featured on previous Favorite Things blog.  Best. Party. Ever.I already have 10 of some new  favorite things, which I cannot mention, yet, since we haven’t done the exchange yet.

Previous Favorite Things blogs, are included (or links to them are) at end of this blog…

Song of the Day/Week – The First Noel – Cardio Christmas.  Don’t judge me (anymore than you already do), this is a zippy tune, and I listened to it twice this AM while walking Murph…in 17 degrees.  Gotta love Chicago!!  I guess they use it for aerobics of fitness classes, but I just have it on my phone, and jam away with Murphy.

Ok…pray for me and Paddy…Bears game, Monday Night Football!  8 degrees projected.  Can’t Wait!



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  1. Good pic of you . . . .AND cute nutcrackers, too! Will have to try the Baby Oil Gel. Have been using Neutrogena Sesame Oil for years now. Light, not greasy, rubs in well so you don’t look ‘wet’. BIG pump bottle from BBB lasts forever. Don’t remember the price point but with a 20% coupon . . . frugal IS the new black! xoxo

  2. I have used Neutrogena Sesame body oil as I have that same dry Irish skin. Happy to try the Johnson’s as it is about $18 less! Amazing Grace is also my fave. The soft scent is perfect. Ed,Michael, Anna and Anna’s Dad in from Portland for the game Monday. I will be happily on the couch with Nina after remerchandising the store until mid tie Sunday and back early early Monday Tis the season

    I love your blog T!!!!!


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