27 Minutes…


Yes..It’s the Proposal Seen All Over the Web!

Earlier this week, I sent a friend a video clip, about dogs, because he has several dogs, and thought this was something he’d really enjoy.  I thought it would brighten his day, and knowing he loves dogs,  thought he’d cherish this video clip, as much as I did….Because, I am, after all, a dog lover.  I have been my entire life, but with the addition of Murphy, and our family’s obsession with her, it’s become a tad more apparent as of late. 🙂  So…this video clip was just a hair short of 4 minutes… I received a response, probably a day later, indicating he was appreciative of the gesture and indicated, “I’ll click on this when I have 4 minutes”. Right…sure you will.

And just in case You can spare 4 precious minutes…You will Love, Love, Love this clip about dogs…

The same very day, I saw another video clip posted on Facebook, and it was posted and talked about, by enough people who indicated, that  while 27 minutes Is a commitment of time, especially to watch a video clip of people you do not know, Time would never be better spent than to watch about this wonderful, happy story of a couple embarking on their future.    I no more have an extra 27 minutes than the next person, but I’m a sap for a happy story and gifted myself that time.  Honest to goodness, I was delighted I made the time to watch this video, and had goosebumps while watching it!  Perhaps this resonated with me, because I am so very fortunate that this weekend I get to see 2 people commit to a life of happiness  with each other, just as I did last weekend (and there WILL be adult supervision round the clock at my house, btw)…I hope to share this with Alexandra and Sam to enjoy as well.  Heck, maybe we’ll expand the reception 27 minutes, and play it for all the guests to see.  🙂

27 minutes, is, indeed a commitment, but why not make the time?

While you are making the time, here are some other links, sure to warm your heart! 🙂

San Francisco transforms itself to Gotham City for a boy through the Make a Wish Foundation…



Life is short.  Click on the link.

Go Bronco’s!


Go Bears!!



PS…In regards to the opening ecard, Everything is Just fine! 😉

breaking up is hard to do

IMG_2101Mantra for the weekend!


This, is very true…:)


Obviously, I do not…But I am all about the power of positive thinking!

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