10 Things to Give Up in Exchange for Happiness

10 Things to Give Up in Exchange for Happiness


Love, Love, Love this… Some are easily said, but hard to do.  Truth be told, I need to work on all 10.  Let’s call it a work in progress…but 1,2,6,7 and 8 will be my immediate focus.  Thankfully Kevin doesn’t read my blog (though he sure gets Lots of mentions), as I’m sure he’d come up with a different list. 🙂


In keeping with the recent theme of Happiness, these 2 ladies, always provide Joy in my life (pun intended, because one’s name is Joy)..well that, and the lovely bottle(s) of Mer Soleil!  I was remiss that I didn’t have a photo of Amelia and Joy when “showcasing” some friends in a blog last week, especially since we had a super fun evening last week.  So, this became an easy fix as we had plans to gather this week to do some pre-gaming  before an industry soire! Cheers! Love these girls…and love our mantra, “Now That’s a blog”!  So I get lots of great material for snappy blogs, plus, the post-texting the morning after is always the best way to start a day.  🙂


I’m in Bears withdrawal, since we were on a Bye last week…and now have to wait till Monday night v Packers.  And why, pray tell, does the NFL Not have the team with the Bye Week play on Thursday night, rather always a team who has played on Sunday, hence only giving them 4 days between games… and for one team each week, there’s a travel day involved (yes, I’m aware, that’s a run on sentence, but that’s how my mind rolls).  I need more time than that to recover from stubbing my toe or a 90-minute massage (I bruise easily).   I’m aware I have mentioned this before, but they still haven’t done anything about it, and I feel it’s a pressing issue.   Still waiting for a call from Roger Goodell, btw.  Will certainly blog about it when I do hear from him.

The O’Brien band will be back together again this weekend.  Kevin, Meredith, Paddy, Murph and yours truly… Weekend will officially start at Happy Hour with Mer, enjoying a dirty (make that filthy) martini (or 2) and oysters.  We will have a full house and hopefully one full of  fun, music, laughter and awe at how much Kevin can get done around the house in 48 hours…with 10 of those hours, in attendance at a wedding of very dear friends.  Lisa and Patrick we are so excited to join you in celebrating your very special day.  Can. Not.Wait!

This is Meredith and Patrick…not Lisa and her Patrick. 🙂


Song of the Week:  Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing, by Stevie Wonder

I’ve become obsessed (yes, obsessed) about it since Silver Linings Playbook… Totally in my Top 10 favorite films!


Coming up next week:  MANic Monday!!  Holiday fashion trends.

Go Bears!












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  1. I likee. Sounds like a fab weekend, pictures and posts please! Thought the top 10 list might say stop trying to lose those 10 pounds. I had a friend introduce me to another gal last night describing me as the most positive, upbeat gal…and that was before I read your blog! Tuna sandwich named Kevin, lol. Enjoy sweet friend.

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