8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have


I saw this article, and have seen several different versions with some of my favorite bloggers weighing in with their answers.  So I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and answer these questions as well.  And why, you ask, since we know very few people truly care?  It’s because of the few people who Do care (the little people) and these are the people who tell me they love my blog the best when it’s more about me, and not things I find from Pinterest, Etcetera, Nordstrom…etc.  And that is the reason why I blog…Not for the anonymous 1000 views a day from up to 20 countries, but for the small handful of people who read, comment, email me and take as much pleasure in reading my blog as I take in writing it. 🙂

8 Things that I feel make me happy…and this was based on the Template provided, and I filled in the blanks.

1. A go-to drink… Chardonnay (My favs: La Crema; Sonoma Cutrer; Far Niente; and Rombauer); Dirty Martini (Ketel One, straight up, Dirty…make that Filthy dirty, with 2 blue cheese olives); Fiji Water on the side..or Ice Mountain water if I’m watching my pennies.

profile pic sept 2012



2. A go-to Karaoke song.  Summer Lovin’ by Olivia Newton John, from Grease


Sadly, I don’t look like her, nor sound like her…but my bangs may possibly look better!  The 80’s called…they want want their bangs back!

3. A uniform.  Skirt, boots, sweater.  Or, black long cardigan (Duster), black leggings, flats or high heels (nothing in between), v-neck or scoop neck underpiece, and fun jewelry.  Jeans, cuffed, blouse, sweater, peep toe booties.  Shorts, tights, booties.  Summertime, when walking Murph, it would have to be Nike Shorts, v-neck tee, and Puma’s or flip-flops.


I also love the shorts, tights and booty look…yes, Joy and Amelia, this is where I got the idea for my outfit for dinner…except I added the fur vest, to “make it my own”. 🙂


I love this look, and love Atlantic-Pacific.  Her blog and style is something I adore!


My new Fall obsession is the peep toe bootie!


I’d like the sweater a tad longer, or ideally no higher than 10″ above my knee.

4. A hair stylist they love.  Steven!  I say he’s on the lam, which of course he isn’t, but I won’t mention his last name.  I went to him from 1994-2001, then broke up with him, and found him again 2 years ago.  He’s funny, snarky, and doesn’t listen to what I want, does what he wants (with my hair) and doesn’t understand that no amount of hairspray will hold this mane of mine, but love him anyway!  Plus, recently I changed my Profile Pic on Facebook, and most comments were regarding my hair…So, let’s give Steven the credit

5. An exercise routine.  The last year, it’s been walking Murphy, upwards of 4x/day.  But I also love the Elliptical, and have one in my house, and this is where I watch movies and TV shows…and have watched all seasons of Lost; 24; Nip Tuck; Downton Abbey; Homeland; Breaking Bad.


6. A hobby.  Walking Murphy, Reading, Blogging.  Drinks with Friends, Da Bears, Da Hawks, Da Bulls!!


7. A best friend.   They’ll go nameless, and this is not everyone…but a great sampling of my friends I treasure!  And if you aren’t in this pictorial, it’s either because I just featured us in a blog within the past month (Critical Discussion) or I don’t have a picture of us (Rhonda, Colleen, Jack), or the one I have of us, I look horrible, and ain’t Nobody got time for that! 🙂

Terry and Lora SD

403703_4094095231817_1736289966_n (1) 419842_10151109389424627_1943163193_n (1) 537378_10151528711589627_1121068992_n 67165_475847459626_7850838_n (1)


carol and kevin

terry and megan at madonna

I am going to make a more concerted effort to get more pics of me with my family and friends…because I hate leaving some of my besties out, and realize there are a few of you (again, I shall mention Rhonda, Joy and Amelia, Leslie, Jack, Colleen)…who I don’t have any pics of.  So I shall change that in the not too distant future!

8. A healthy sense of self.  Someone else said this, but I feel  it’s truly a work in progress.  I try to be the best I can be every day, and feel each day that I fail miserably, and could have done better and been a better person.  However, I look forward to getting up each day and trying to be the best I can be…of course cherish those days when I am having a good hair day (Thank you Stephen)!  One of the best compliments I’ve received is from a friend who says emails and correspondence from me brings them Joy in their day…and on days like that I feel I’ve done something good and it wants me to do it yet again the next day!


Joy and Amelia…Thank you so, so much for a wonderful evening…It’s been a melancholy week, without Mer, and the dinner, company and Rombauer Chardonnay, was Just what the doctor ordered!  Looking forward to a repeat performance on Tuesday!  I’m so thankful to have you both in my life. 🙂

Song of the Week:  It Might be You from the movie, Tootsie.  I was working out on the Elliptical to the movie, Tootsie, when I received a call from my father, that my mother was gravely ill…she went into a coma that day, and died the next day…on my birthday.  But, the song, while always makes me cry, also makes me smile, and now I no longer think of that song in reference to my mother…whom I miss every day (and my father as well)…

Bye Week for my Bears…so, Go Bronco’s…Friday night lights tonight with Connie, Dave and Kim!



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  1. I love reading your blogs….it always brightens my day!!! Even though we only met one time with our mutual friend Maureen, you left a great mark on me!!
    Barb Guenther

  2. Great blog . . . thanks for sharing! But, gee, I thought your favorite karaoke song would be Buttercup! Color me surprised . . .

  3. Love this. Please send Steven to Knoxville stat, as my pic will attest, still struggling to get a good style (but thx for pic.). Enjoyed the inspiring thoughts and smiles too. Sometimes I AM too sexy, you’re right!

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