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Meredith and I were enjoying a Girl’s Weekend in Paradise… so no blog last Friday.  And Thank you, once again, to those who always inquire where the Friday blog is.  It must be the snappy ecards that are missed.  🙂  So today, please check out Meredith’s Fashionista blog:[pp_gal]/1/

A few pics from the trip


Murphy protesting our 6AM departure


Starting the trip with Bloody Mary’s at O’Hare at O’Briens!


What does every girl’s weekend need?  A cute, white convertible… but we needed a better pic, but this is all we have.  The valet parkers at the hotel loved the fact that we said “It’s a girl’s trip, top stays down”…and when the top wasn’t down, they reminded us of our mantra, and the top went down!..I miss it…and Mer now that she’s back at school. 🙁


Meredith’s Pink Lotus cocktail…I stuck with a filthy, dirty martini, with the best blue cheese stuffed olives, ever, with one of our very favorite GM’s!


Selfie while running on the beach…Not an easy task, especially after first day of Bloody Mary’s; Martini’s; and Chardonnay! 🙂


But we rallied the next morning.  Mimosa’s…They aren’t for breakfast anymore…or, actually, they are!


All college students should get used to drinking Mer Soleil… truly.  🙂


Hilarious, inside joke, but we enjoyed 2 blonde honey ales…and some nice banter with some cute surfer boys.  Oh, and what do you do when the cute surf boys leave, and you and your daughter are the only 2 left in the bar?  How about some selfie videos while chair-dancing and looking in a mirror?  Thankfully this blog will Not support that video link!  Happy to email the link to those that request it.  Best.  Trip.  Ever.


Those singles were left over from drinks…I know where some minds will go!


Stella!!  Only girl/person in the bar drinking a Stella, btw.  And the bouncer remembered Meredith’s name, so we rewarded him with a return trip the next evening…and he greeted her (not her Momma) by name!


3 words…needed more sunscreen.  Gotta love the irish skin.

Check out the cutest Dance Preschool video ever…the cutie pie 2nd from the right certainly steals the show…but I’m quite impressed with the munchkin on the far right, who keeps her concentration.  And while you are thinking of not clicking on this video, do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of giggling for 2 minutes.  You’ll thank me (and I thank Barb and Marisa for bringing this to my attention) for it later.

Style On! 🙂

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